Riedell Raven Skates Review

Dancing with Passion: Our Review of the Riedell Raven roller skates

As devoted artistic skaters, my friends and I are always striving to take our skills to the next level. We spend all our free time at the local skating rink, staying late into the night practicing new routines and mastering challenging footwork.


Seeking the Perfect Skate

One evening after a long session, we see some experienced artistic skaters effortlessly landing complex jumps in their Riedell Raven roller skates. We ask them about the Ravens, and they rave about the personalized fit and flawless performance.

As soon as we get home, we look up the Riedell Raven roller skates online and become enthralled reading reviews. We decided these purpose-built skates for intermediate artistic skaters could be the answer to our prayers. We scrape together our savings and order a few pairs, eagerly awaiting their arrival.


Eagerly Lacing Up

When the packages arrive, we tear them open, oohing and ahhing over the classic black leather boots and luxe details. We toss our clunky rentals aside and immediately lace up the Ravens, feeling them hug our feet with potential. We do a few test laps around the house and can already tell they’re something special.

Unable to wait any longer, we grab our skate bags and head straight for the rink, stepping onto the wood floor eager to put the Ravens through their paces.


Gliding With Ease

As we push off for those first few laps in the Ravens, the snug leather starts conforming perfectly to our feet. The thickly padded tongue embraces us in plush comfort as we fluidly carve crossovers. As we build speed, the ample 62mm wheels feel fast yet agile.

We stay late experimenting with the different cushion options to customize the flex and landing stability. We’re blown away by how the Ravens seem made for us, responding to our every movement and flow.


One With Our Skates

Session after session we wear the Ravens, skating for hours until closing time. The more we skate, the more they seem to mold to our exact feet and style. They quickly become natural extensions of ourselves, disappearing below and letting our passion shine.

The flawless performance allows us to fully immerse in the dance, trying ever more daring moves. Landing our first triple salchow feels effortless in the Ravens’ embrace. They unleash skills we never dreamed we could achieve.

After logging extensive hours breaking in these remarkable skates, we’re ready to share an in-depth review. Keep reading for the full scoop on sizing, specs, pros, cons, and overall performance of the Riedell Ravens. Let our story help you decide if these purpose-built artistic skates are right to advance your skills and unleash your inner artist.

riedell raven roller skates

Pros: What Won Us Over

After countless hours expressing ourselves in the Ravens, here are the standout pros that impressed us:

  • Heat-moldable leather – Conforms perfectly to your feet
  • Ultra-cushioned tongue – Zero lace bite or rubbing
  • Ideal artistic wheel size – 62mm perfect for maneuvers
  • Customizable cushions – Fine-tune flexibility and response
  • Quick acceleration – Precision bearings deliver smooth speed
  • Shock absorption – Forgiving nylon plates cushion landings
  • Moisture-wicking interior – Keeps feet dry during intense skating
  • Quality craftsmanship – Durable construction built to last

For intermediate artistic skaters ready to progress, the Raven hits all the key marks for a comfortable yet responsive skate that encourages growth.


Cons: A Few Minor Quirks

While an amazing mid-level artistic skate, the Raven isn’t quite perfect:

  • Snug fit before break-in – Breaking in leather requires dedication
  • Limited black and white colors – More variety would be fun
  • The nylon plate is less durable – But provides nice flex for dance
  • Price investment – But worth it for the quality and performance

But for devoted artistic skaters seeking quality and personalization to nurture their passion, the Riedell Raven roller skates deliver fit and performance worth investing in.


Technical Specs

For those seeking the Ravens’ technical specifications:

  • Boot Material: Leather
  • Plate: PowerDyne Thrust nylon
  • Wheels: Radar Varsity 62mm/98A
  • Bearings: KwiK Zenith
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Adjustable
  • Closure: Lace-up
  • Sizes: 1-16
  • Colors: Black, white

The leather boot, precision bearings, and ideal artistic wheel size reveal a thoughtful selection for aspiring dancers.


Sizing Tips

We recommend the following for your best Raven fit:

  • Order true shoe size as the leather will stretch
  • Prioritize snug width, especially in the toes
  • Trying skates on in-store optimizes fit
  • Thinner dance socks enhance precision
  • Heat molding custom tailors fit over time
  • Patience for a proper break-in period is a must

Remaining patient during break-in results in a personalized fit feeling like a second skin.


Caring for Your Riedell Raven Roller Skates

To keep your Raven skates performing at their peak, be sure to follow these care tips:

  • Use quality leather conditioner regularly on the boots to prevent drying and cracking.
  • Inspect the wheels, bearings, and plates before sessions for any damage or wear. Address issues promptly.
  • Wipe down the boots with a soft cloth after skating to remove dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Rotate the wheels frequently to distribute wear evenly and extend wheel life.
  • Replace laces as needed if they become frayed or loose.
  • Consider upgraded cushions for easy customization and responsiveness.
  • Store skates properly in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight when not in use.
  • Remove insoles and use cedar shoe trees to wick moisture and retain shape.

With some basic care and maintenance, your Raven skates will keep delivering unmatched freedom and fluidity session after session.


Ideal Use Cases

After extensive evaluation, the Ravens excel for:

  • Rising intermediate artistic/dance skating
  • Rink freestyle and choreography sessions
  • Indoor skating like polished hardwood rinks
  • Foundational jumps/spins with support
  • Dance-focused fitness training

While not for complete newbies, the Ravens specially cater to committed artistic skaters with a passion ready to bloom at the next level.


Final Verdict

For dedicated artistic skaters seeking skates fitting like a glove to provide a platform for creativity, we wholeheartedly rate the Riedell Ravens 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Although the extended break-in demands patience, the impeccable eventual fit and performance foster tangible skills growth. The Ravens let your inner artistic juices flow freely and fearlessly.

If you’re ready to invest in your artistic goals and progress to the next level, we can’t recommend the Riedell Ravens enough. Let them inspire new confidence in your skills!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Available Colors: Black, White
Price: The price range is from 249$ to 255$ depending on the store you choose.
Link to purchase from Riedell’s official website
Link to purchase from Walmart


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