What To Wear Roller Skating

What to wear when roller skating is a common concern among beginners when they first start skating. Safety is important when deciding what to wear roller skating. Therefore, choosing the appropriate safety equipment should be your primary concern. In addition, you must choose comfortable skate clothing that allows movement.

Since we have been part of the roller skating community long enough, we have enough experience to assemble the best gear. The good thing is that after reading this article, you will understand the necessary items to wear when going to a roller skating event.

Continue reading to learn what apparel and safety equipment you should get before you hit the pavement on your roller skates.

Protective Gear

When considering what to wear when roller skating, safety should come first. You need to get the appropriate safety equipment whether you plan to skate inside, outside, or at a sporting event.

The most crucial piece of equipment is a helmet, which guards your head against injury if you misstep or fall. The second most important item is knee and elbow pads, which guard against cuts and bruises that may occur if you make contact with the ground or another hard surface.

Another helpful tool is a wrist guard that offers support and padding to your wrist. To be as comfortable and safe as possible, you should ensure that your protective gear is the right size and fits you well.

What Not to Wear While Roller Skating

Never wear anything uncomfortable. Avoid wearing skirts or dresses that are too short or tight because they are too constricting. You must easily bend your knees regardless of what you are wearing. Of course, you don’t want to dress in a way that could allow your clothes to become tangled up in your skates. Ensure that none of your clothing, not even drawstrings, even approaches the ground.

In case you do fall, you should also think about potential dangers. Don’t wear clothes with big buckles, lots of zippers, or other metal accents. These can be dangerous and make even a tiny fall more likely to hurt you.

Credit to INDY JAMMA JONES for this video of the top 10 favorite outfits to wear roller skating.

What to wear to a roller skating rink

A wide variety of stylish and current attire is available for roller skaters. It doesn’t matter if you choose jeggings, jeans, or shorts; you must be aware that the appropriate fabric can significantly alter your gait and stride. As a result, what to wear roller skating should be more of a concern than mounting your roller skate.

Here are the necessary items you should wear to avoid accidents when skating.


Denim pants have always been in style and are a fantastic option for roller skating. The ideal option is to wear stretchable jeans because they are both comfortable and don’t obstruct your movement.

High-quality jeans absorb sweat and can withstand continuous use and wear. Another benefit of wearing jeans is that you may store items like your phone, keys, and other personal stuff in your pockets.

Roller skating is a fantastic activity for jeggings. They are really comfortable, flattering on all body shapes, and stretchy. Jeggings are also a good choice for ice skating and throughout the cooler months, as they keep you warm as you roller skate.


Look no further than a pair of shorts if you’re attempting to pick what to wear to a roller skating rink throughout the summer. Shorts are a fashion statement that also adds to the ease and comfort of roller skating.

You can consider options such as denim shorts, sporty shorts, fashionable cotton shorts, and cargo shorts. You can also purchase cushioned shorts that are made to protect you from falls or trips in addition to these. If you want to make a fashion statement, wear a beautiful blouse with them instead of a bright t-shirt for a more informal appearance.


If you want to go roller skating, you must wear socks since they give you the cushioning you need to wear skates. You can pick from a wide selection of calf and ankle socks. They come in a variety of materials, as well as numerous original patterns and hues.

Cotton and fiber socks are the best options since they are comfortable, breathable, and shield your feet from blisters (If you wish to avoid from getting blisters on your feet, you should read this guide).

Additionally, wearing socks when roller skating removes odor-causing bacteria on your feet and preserves your skin feeling pretty fresh.

What to wear roller skating


Choosing what to wear roller skating might take extra time. Primarily, it’s crucial to put on the appropriate safety gear. This is particularly true if you are inexperienced and don’t know what to wear to a roller skating rink.

Before skating, wear wrist guards, elbow and knee protection, and a helmet. Roller skating doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if you know exactly what to wear.

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