Riedell Angel Skates Review

Dance with Grace: Our Review of the Riedell Angel Roller Skates

As artistic skaters who love expressing themselves creatively through movement, we’re constantly looking for skates that can keep up with fluid choreography and intricate footwork. We want elegant skates tailored for grace, maneuverability, and all-around beginner-friendly performance.

So when we discovered Riedell’s Angel skates geared specifically for blossoming artistic skaters, we were thrilled. We promptly ordered a pair to take for a graceful spin across the rink.

After gliding and dancing during many sessions breaking in these artistic skates, we’re ready to share everything you need to know in this detailed review. Keep reading for the full scoop on sizing, specs, pros, cons, usage, and overall performance of Riedell’s accessible Angel skates.


First Impressions

Fresh out of the box, the Riedell Angel roller skates make an immediate inviting impression with their sleek white vinyl boot and welcoming style. The padded vinyl upper looks pristine yet promises comfort.

Walking around in the Angel, the flexible boot feels comforting hugging our ankles. The 57mm Radar wheels seem like a versatile size for covering the rink with elegance.

And the lightweight nylon plates point toward easy maneuverability. Our first impressions show the Angel is thoughtfully designed for nurturing blossoming artistic skaters.


Taking Them for a Spin

Eager to test how the Angel skates’ components came together in graceful motion, we hit the rink ready to dance. Gliding smoothly during those first few strokes, the padded vinyl boot cushioned our ankles while allowing dynamic flexibility.

The forgiving 57mm wheels held speed while staying agile beneath our flowing movements. Turning and carving felt graceful as we naturally pointed our toes. The ABEC-5 bearings delivered a controlled momentum perfect for learning.

The nylon plates provided the ideal blend of flex and support for basic jumps and spins. Overall the Angel skates performed wonderfully during our first dance sessions, instilling confidence and encouragement.

riedell angel roller skates

Pros: What Won Us Over

After many hours gracefully rolling in the Angels, here are the key pros that impressed us:

  • Padded vinyl upper – Broke in fast with great comfort
  • High-cut flexibility – Ideal support for learning new moves
  • Versatile artistic wheels – 57mm size great for maneuvering
  • Nylon plate forgiveness – Cushions impact for beginners
  • Lightweight feel – Easy to handle as you build skills
  • Welcoming aesthetic – Cute styling makes skating fun
  • Budget-friendly price – Very affordable for artistic beginners

Considering the affordable price point, the Angel skates provide a fantastic blend of comfort, flexibility, and accessibility for blossoming artistic skaters.


Cons: A Few Minor Issues

While an enjoyable recreational artistic skate, the Angels aren’t without some small

  • Vinyl tears more easily than leather
  • Thin padding for advanced jumps and tricks
  • The toe box runs narrow for wide feet
  • Basic ABEC-5 bearings – Upgrading provides faster rolls
  • Limited black and white color options – Wish there were more pops of brightness
  • Nylon plates and indoor wheels – Not ideal for outdoor skating

But for the price, none of these cons are major concerns for entry-level artistic skaters learning the basics. The Angel boots and components deliver great quality and value.


Technical Specs

For those interested in the technical specs, the Angel skates offer:

  • Boot Material: Vinyl
  • Plate: PowerDyne Thrust nylon
  • Wheels: Radar Riva 57mm/96A
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Adjustable
  • Closure: Lace-up
  • Sizes: 4-13
  • Colors: Black, white

The ideal artistic wheel size combined with a forgiving nylon plate makes the Angels accessible for beginners to focus on just having fun.


Caring for Your Angels

To keep your Angel skates in top shape, be sure to follow these care tips:

  • Inspect the vinyl boots before each use for tears or cracks, and repair any damage promptly since vinyl can rip.
  • Use a vinyl conditioner on the boots regularly to keep them from drying out. This maintains flexibility.
  • Wipe boots down with a soft cloth after sessions to remove dust and debris.
  • Rotate the wheels often to distribute wear evenly across all four.
  • Upgrade the basic ABEC-5 bearings when ready for faster rolls.
  • Check that all screws are tight before each use so plates don’t loosen over time.
  • Replace laces frequently as needed since artistic skating can be tough on laces.
  • Consider padded tongue sleeves to reduce lace bite discomfort.
  • Store properly in a clean, dry area out of direct sunlight when not skating.

With some basic care and maintenance, your Angel skates will keep providing a fun and comfortable ride as you progress with your artistic skills!


Sizing Guidance

Based on our experience, here are some sizing tips on the Angel:

  • Length runs true-to-size so order you’re normal shoe size
  • They fit narrow in the toe box, so opt for wide sizing if needed
  • Trying on in-store allows you to test the fit
  • Focus on getting a comfortable width in the toe box
  • Thinner dance socks provide precision

Following the size charts works well for most. Remember the boot will break in over time too.


Ideal Use Cases

After testing, we found the Angels excel in these uses:

  • Beginner artistic/dance skating – Specifically designed for entry-level skills
  • Casual indoor rink skating – A fun way to enjoy public sessions
  • Basic dance fitness sessions – Allows you to groove at your own pace
  • Kids/teens exploring artistic skating – Supportive and affordable

While not for intensive skating, the Angels serve entry-level artistic skaters exceptionally well for building fundamentals in a fun and encouraging way.


Final Verdict

After many hours of testing and dancing on wheels, we happily rate the Riedell Angel roller skates 4 out of 5 stars as beginner artistic skates. For new skaters seeking an accessible, comfortable, and cute skate to start moving creatively, the Angels are hard to top.
The smart design choices make fundamentals non-intimidating, from the exactly right wheel size to the flexibility of the boot and plates. The reasonable price also makes diving into artistic skating feel approachable.

So for beginners seeking a budget-friendly yet high-quality skate to learn the basics of dance, the Riedell Angels are perfect. Their simplicity, comfort, and style will have you spinning and smiling in no time!

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Available Colors: Black, White
Price: The price is 175$
Link to purchase from Riedell’s official website
Link to purchase from Walmart


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