Moxi Roller Skates

Introduction: What are Moxi Roller Skates And Why They’re Great?

While roller skating is an enjoyable activity, it can be hard to commute long distances because of the limited range of motion. The Moxi Roller Skates were designed to provide a better solution for this issue.

They are an innovative new invention that is quickly gaining popularity among the public. They are a modernized take on traditional roller skates that allow you to go further distances without running out of breath, and they have been praised by some as being virtually impossible to fall from.

Those skates are a recreation product based on traditional roller skates with some modern updates. They have a low-profile frame and wheels that allow you to skate up inclines or hills with ease so you never have to worry about running out of breath when going long distances.

Where did Moxi Roller Skates originate?

Moxi Skates is owned by Michelle Stall or Estro Gen (her derby name). She founded the company back in 2008 in Long Beach, California. She is a graduate of Tempel university with a degree in philosophy and it was during her time there that she got her first taste for designing and running a business. It was her last year when she discovered the sport of roller derby and it changed everything.

Are Moxi Roller Skates and Riedell Roller skates Connected?

Riedell Skates has partnered with other industry leaders to help design and manufacture product lines for Moxi Roller Skates and Antik Skates.
Many people believe that Riedell bought Moxi, but it is not true.

How do Moxi Roller Skates compare to Other Brands in the Market?

Moxi Roller Skates are a relatively new company in the roller skate market. They have significantly less experience compared to other brands, yet they are making attempts to improve their product. The following sections will detail what sets Moxi apart from its competitors, as well as what sets them apart from the traditional roller skate.

The design of those skates is one of their most distinguishable features. The company has spent time working on the shape of the boot, which they claim to offer more comfort and support than other brands.

They are Mostly designed for derby skating. Moxi has come up with some innovative designs that make derby skating easier.
Moxi offers a wide variety of colors for their product which is not always available with other brands. This makes it easier for customers to find a color that matches their style or desired aesthetic.

Moxi Roller Skates

What are the Advantages of Moxi Roller Skates?

Moxi Roller Skates are a great way to get some exercise and have fun.

They offer a non-traditional form of entertainment that is fun for the whole family.

The advantages of Moxi are:

  • They have a durable exterior made from high-quality suede. This ensures high value for your money.
  • Wider wheels in comparison to other brands’ skates.
  • These skates have an amazing braking system with a very minimal brake-time period.

What are the Disadvantages of Moxi Roller Skates?

Moxi Skates are not meant for everyone. They are not the best option for kids.

As you will be reading later on in this guide, there are some disadvantages of Moxi Roller Skates.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that they can cause injuries to your ankles or knees if you misuse them.

The Disadvantages of Moxi are:

  • If you are into learning new tricks, jumps & spins then these skates will not provide the ankle support needed.
  • More expensive than other skates brands – The Lolly, their most expensive style, costs $349. It is made with real suede leather, which fits well to your foot size and shape but makes the skates much more expensive.
  • The Moxi skates have been designed for women, although men can find skates in their size, they are more suited for women by design and style.

Our Top 5 Picks of Moxi Roller Skates

1. Moxi Skates – Lolly

Investing in these roller skates is a huge commitment – but if you’re really serious about roller skating, they’re totally worth it. Other brands generally have a lot of extra material that isn’t necessary which makes them bulky and heavy, but these are just the right thickness and can breathe. You might even forget you’re wearing them!

The number one thing that sets those skates apart from other brands is how thin the lining/cushioning of the boot is.
The wheels are made for indoor use, but outdoor wheels are included if you want to take them outside. Skaters of all levels enjoy using this for both inside and out. The grip the wheels provide is really great for beginners who can’t do anything too fancy yet.
They’re made with ABEC-5 steel ball bearings to lower friction.

These skates come in 8 different colors. (apple green, black, clementine orange, floss teal, lilac, pineapple yellow, poppy red, and taffy purple).
A majority of the reviews on Amazon are positive, 89% of reviewers rated it 5 stars.

2. Moxi Skates – Malibu Barbie

One of our favorite skates so far, these are legit! You don’t need to worry about spending all day with them before taking it to the rink, they feel smooth right out of the box.

We also have to mention that they come with a crab tool.
These skates can be ordered in two different colors: strawberry pink and true blue. They come in sizes 4 to 10.
These skates are crafted with ABEC-5 bearings to keep them rolling smoothly.

If you order these skates for a child in age 12 or younger, we recommend choosing another type of skates that is more suited for kids.
Most of the reviews on Amazon were good, with 89% of them being 5 stars.

3. Moxi Skates – Rainbow Rider

The skates are very comfortable and leased properly. They look like retro rollerskates and are very cool. They should be adjusted with a skate tool to fit your needs but other than that they work really well.

It is important to change the wheels and cushions for better outdoor skating. The ones that come with it are okay for closed, indoor use but won’t hold up outside.
We strongly recommend taking a look at the size chart before choosing the size that is right for you. These skates come in sizes 1 to 10.
These skates are also crafted with ABEC-5 bearings and the extra wheels of Moxi skates – Rainbow Rider is 58mm x 40mm in size.

As for colors, there are three available colors for the Rainbow Rider: black asphalt, pink heart, and yellow sunshine.
The majority of people reviewing on Amazon are happy with a total score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. with 81% giving a 5-star rating.

4. Moxi Skates – Beach Bunny

These skates are awesome. They’re trendy and comfortable after a few rides.
If your looking for cheap Moxi roller skates these are the skates for you!

We heard of a group of people who claim that the skates are fake, but they haven’t done any research at all. They admit on the Moxi website that their Lolly & Jack skate models are made in the USA. The Beach Bunny model in this style is made in China. They are not fakes.
From our experience, they’re a tight fit. just follow their sizing instructions and you should have no problems buying the right size. Some people jumped to conclusions and ordered a size too big because they didn’t check the right measurement guides on the size chart.

We recommend them to a beginner skater who is looking for cheap Moxi roller skates and doesn’t want to spend that much money in comparison to other Moxi skates.

These skates come in five different colors: blue sky, peach blanket, periwinkle sunset, strawberry lemonade, and watermelon.
As for sizes, these skates can be ordered in 1-10 sizes (depending on their stock).

The leading online store, Amazon, has statistics from customer reviews for this product. The majority of those who have purchased and reviewed the item on the site are very satisfied with a total score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 83% of those people gave a perfect five-star rating, too!

5. Moxi Skates – Panther

Skates are a little tough to break in at first but after you get the hang of it, they’ll be perfect for you. They’re great for beginners or anyone who skates occasionally. We would recommend switching out the wheels though if you skate outdoors a lot because outdoor wheels are designed for rough terrain and can wear down your skates much more quickly than those used indoors.

As you can guess by the name of these skates, they only come in one color, black with leopard-patterned lining and laces. As for wheels, their size is 58 mm.
Those skates are available in sizes 1 to 10 (depending on the seller stock), We strongly recommend checking the size chart before you make a purchase.

Review statistics from Amazon show that the majority of those who have reviewed and purchased the item give it a total score of 4.5 stars and 71% of those people gave it 5 stars.

Credit to Moxi Roller Skates for this awesome review.

Are Moxi Roller Skates Good and Worth it?

It is difficult to say whether or not Moxi Roller Skates are worth it, as it does depend on the type of skating that the person plans to do. Some people that are new to roller skating may find that Moxi skates are perfect for them, while others may think they are too difficult to use.

In our opinion, Moxi skates are worth their price because of the high-quality parts and suede exterior that make the skate very durable, and of course, Moxi has very stylish designs that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
We hope that we’ve given you some insights into the question, “Are Moxi roller skates good?”

Why Are Moxi Skates So Expensive

The price of Moxi Skates is the result of many factors, including research and development, design, production cost, marketing cost, shipping costs, and overhead costs.

The high prices are due to these reasons:

1. Moxi Skates are expensive because they come with a high-quality and durable product that can be used by people of all ages and abilities.

2. Moxi Skates provide a more enjoyable and fun experience than traditional roller skates because their design makes them lighter, easier to maneuver, and more comfortable to wear.

3. Moxi Skates are priced higher due to the quality of their parts such as high-end bearings, wheels with a longer lifespan, and high-quality wheels for increased speed.

If cheap Moxi roller skates are what you are looking for, then take a look at Moxi Skates Beach Bunny,
you won’t be able to find cheap Moxi roller skates like them.

Are Moxi Roller Skates True to Size

No, Moxi Skates are not true to size. The “Moxi size” fits a wide variety of customers. They’re made on a women’s last and labeled in men’s sizes, so you can compare your measurements to a medium B/C width and the corresponding length listed for each size to find your size.

For women’s sizing, you should size down 1-1.5 US sizes to find your size in Moxi shoes. For example, if you wear US Women’s 5, then choose Size 4 in Moxi’s Women’s line.

Are Moxi Roller Skates Vegan skates?

The answer to that question is No, not all of the Moxi roller skates are vegan skates.
But Moxi skates have a few models that are vegans such as Moxi beach bunny and Moxi vegan Jack.

Moxi designers are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to using vegan leather, the Vegan Jack skate with Clarino microfiber leather proof. This revolutionary vegan leather is softer and stronger than traditional leather made from animals. It is better for the environment too, making Moxi your green choice.

Are Moxi Roller Skates Good for Beginners

Yes, Moxi Roller Skates are good for beginners.

These skates are designed to be easy to use for novice or beginner skaters. The Moxi Skates wheels provide a stable and smooth ride. The Moxi Skates size range is from children’s size 8-11 to adult size 12-14.

We strongly recommend Moxi Lolly skates for beginners.

Are Moxi Roller Skates Good For Outdoors

Yes, they are great for use outdoors, but it’s important that you use the Moxi Skates with wheels made for outdoor surfaces. This is because outdoor wheels are designed to roll on dirt, pavement, and uneven terrain.

Using the Moxi Skates with indoor wheels can cause damage to your skates or put you at risk of toppling over during use.

How Long Do Moxi Roller Skates Last

The answer to how long Moxi skates last is tricky.

It depends on how you use them, the surface you skate on, how often you use them, and your skills.
From our experience, with proper care and maintenance, one pair can last for about 2-3 years.

As we said before, it can change from one person to another and is very dependent on where you skate and how good your skating skills are. And of course, how often you use them is also a factor.

How to Clean Moxi Suede Roller Skates

The following steps are the best way to clean your Moxi Roller Skates.

Step One: Remove any debris from the wheels. Begin by removing any dirt, wax, or other substances from the wheels and frame of the skate with a damp cloth and wipe it down. If there is a lot of built-up residue on your skate frame or wheels, you may need to use mild steel wool to scrub away any hard-to-remove particles.

Step Two: Keep the soles clean. This can be accomplished by wiping them off with a damp cloth, using a shoe brush, or by using a suede eraser.
When cleaning the soles of your suede roller skates, it is important to use products that are non-abrasive and specifically for this purpose. Using abrasive cleaners can damage the suede on your roller skates.

Credit to RollerGirldotCA for this tutorial on how to clean Moxi roller skates

Conclusion: How to Choose the Right Pair of Moxi Roller Skates for You

After reading this article, you should have a clearer picture of what it takes to select a pair of Moxi Roller Skates.
You should remember the following when trying to decide on a pair:

  • What is your level?
  • What is the terrain like where you will be skating?
  • What are your interests?

We hope you now have a better understanding of the different types of skates available to you by this brand. Whether you are looking for something to help you with physical therapy or are avid skaters looking for a new hobby, Moxi Roller skates are the perfect choice for you!

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