Best Roller Skates for Wide Flat Feet

What are Wide Flat Feet?

Some people have pes planus, or what is known as flat or fallen arches. It is when the feet have no arch, as it was not developed properly.

These arches have a spring-like function for our bodies, which helps in the distribution of weight across our bodies. This is essential for a person to adapt to different surfaces and pressures properly.

There are instances where children who have flat feet can outgrow and fix them. On the other hand, an underlying health condition might be the reason for an adult developing a pes planus. Some of the most common symptoms you can observe are:

(1) Backache
(2) Foot enlargement
(3) Leg stiffness

Finding the best roller skates for wide flat feet can be tough, but don’t worry; in the next few paragraphs, we’ll provide some information that will help you choose wisely.

What Are Some of The Factors That Cause Flat Feet?

(1) Flat feet can be adapted genetically by the parents.
(2) When a person experiences an injury to their ankle or feet, flat feet can develop as well.
(3) Excess weight can be another factor because of the constant pressure on the arches.
(4) Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects a person’s feet and hands.
(5) Ruptured posterior tibial tendon – This tendon is important in supporting our feet’s arch.

However, flat feet are not a serious problem as it is only suggested for treatment when the person is experiencing discomfort aside from the feet.

Other than affecting the person’s balance and alignment while running, standing, or just walking. This could cause pain in other parts of your body, like your ankles, hips, and knees.  Aside from the pain, there might be instances where a person with flat feet experiences overpronation. It is when the person’s feet roll to the inner side while walking or just standing.

Having wide flat feet can be very challenging, especially when you are an active person who likes to go out and engage in outdoor activities. After the lockdowns around the world, roller skating has become a new trend today. Moreover, it has become a hobby for most people as they share their videos on an app, TikTok. Roller skating requires great balance and body coordination.

However, people with wide flat feet should not be discouraged and insecure about their condition because they can still participate in this trend. You just have to look for the perfect roller skates for you. Here are some of the best roller skates for different flat-foot conditions:

Best Roller Skates For Wide Flat Feet – Our List

Strike seven of the Roller Derby

This is the best roller skate for wide flat feet because it has a breathable lining that helps relieve pain during long usage. Aside from that, it also has cushion foam for a better and more comfortable fit. Its closure system is either a hook and loop or Velcro, perfect for easier adjustments.

Its toe stop is rubber, durable, and has a better grip on different surfaces. Moreover, its heels are 58 mm by 40 mm and are made of urethane. Its bearings that provide a stable and smooth roll are BEVO Silver. You can check it here:

Chicago Ladies’ Bullet Speed Skate

This is a classic design of roller skates used for racing as well as other social skating, usually on rinks. Its low-cut style makes it the best roller skate for wide flat feet because it gives the feet more freedom to move around.

It is also very safe to use because of its closure system, lace, and Velcro strap, which is also perfect for easier adjustments. Its features include wheels made of urethane that measure 60 mm.

Its bearings are ABEC 3 for better stability and control for high-speed skating. It is also made of vinyl for long-lasting use. Moreover, its trucks are adjustable in two sizes. You can check it here:

Roller Derby Trac Star Youth Girl’s Adjustable Roller Skate

This is the best roller skate for wide flat feet because it is adjustable to four sizes. It is better to use it if you prioritize support and comfort, as it has no laces and uses buckles to secure your feet. Its wheels are 54 mm urethane, ideal for rink and pavement grip. You can check it here:

Candi Grl Sabina

It is a high-cut style that prevents any ankle injury with its ankle support. It also has cushions, perfect for people with flat feet who experience pain during long walks or extreme activities.

They are the best roller skates for flat feet. Its wheels measure 56mm x 33mm and are suitable for indoor rinks or outdoor pavements. Its bearings are BEVO Silver for having better control and stability while skating. It also has a lace-up closure system for easier adjustments. You can check it here:

Riedell Skates R3 – Quad Roller Skate

This is a durable roller skate because it is made of vinyl. Because of its breathable design, it is the best roller skates for flat feet. Its plates are made of nylon, along with its trucks, made of metal.

The R3 closure system uses lace and a Velcro strap for more comfortable and easy adjustments. Its bearings are ABEC 5 for a smooth and long-lasting ride. You can check it here:

VNLA Junior Stealth Jam Skates for Men and Women

This is perfect for indoor use because of its 62mm wheels. Vanilla Gorilla’s plate is made of nylon, and its adjustable trucks are made of aluminum. It is durable and, at the same time, soft because of the material used.

It also has a leather exterior and hard denim material, ensuring its long-lasting lifespan. Moreover, it is also easy to use because it does not require significant effort to break. Its closure system is a strap, which is easier than other types of closure systems.

This is also perfect for fast and speedy turns because of its ABEC-9 bearings. It is also the best roller skates for wide feet because its stability has been increased. You can check it out here

Bont ProStar Roller Derby Skates

The Bont ProStar Roller Derby Skates are the best roller skates for wide feet because they provide an accurate calculation for your size to fit the roller skates. You can also use them for sports derby because of their durable materials. It is perfect for a long duration of usage. You can check it out:

Sure-Grip Black Fame Roller Skate

This roller skate is for indoor use only, like skating rinks. Its plate is made of rock nylon. On the other hand, its bearings are ABEC-5 with a toe stop made of Carrera. Its sizes are based on men’s sizes only to ensure that people with wide flat feet will be able to purchase and use them too.

These could be the best roller skates for wide feet, especially for women. However, you are advised to choose one size smaller for the perfect fit. For people using roller skates larger than size 14, the plate will be replaced with Super X for a better and more secure experience. You can check it here:


Best Outdoor Roller Skates For Wide Feet

Boardwalk Sure-Grip Outdoor Skates

This roller skate has accurate sizing. You can check their sizing chart. Its material is made of suede leather. Its wheels are 57 mm, making it the best outdoor roller skate for wide feet.

These roller skate bearings are ABEC 3. Moreover, it is durable because its trucks are made of aluminum with rubber stoppers that are also adjustable. These are the best roller skates for wide flat feet because of their size. It is for men only. However, for women who wish to purchase these roller skates, you are advised to choose one size smaller for an accurate fit. You can check it here:

RB Cruiser Adult Fitness Skates

It is an inline skate, the best outdoor roller skate for wide feet because of its lining and footbed. They reduce any shock pressure that might affect the feet.

Its closure system consists of a shaft buckle and a lace for a better and more secure fit. Its wheels are 80mm Rollerblade Urban, and its bearing is SG7. You can check it here:

best roller skates for wide flat feet

How to Choose the Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet

A lot of people have wide feet, and it can be difficult to find a good pair of roller skates that fit. If you are one of those people, you should read this section to find out how to choose the best roller skates for wide feet.

First, you need to know your foot width. You will need to measure your foot width at its widest point between the ball of your foot and heel. You can use a ruler or just estimate it by placing your thumb on the widest point and looking at where your thumb ends up on the ruler.

Next, look for a skate with a shoe size that is at least 1/2 inch larger than your measured foot width. This will give you some room for extra padding around the toes and make sure that there is no rubbing.

Now that you know the height and width of your foot, you should be able to find a skate that fits. Make sure the toe box is wide enough for your toes to fit comfortably in, and make sure there is enough room in front of the toe box so that your toes don’t hit the front of the shoe.

Conclusion: The Benefits of Using Roller Skates For Wide Feet

Wide feet can be a pain to deal with. They are more prone to injury and often require more care than regular-sized feet. Those who struggle with this issue, they can find relief by wearing a shoe that is specifically designed for wide feet.

However, wide feet are not always a size issue. Some people have naturally wide feet, and some have them because of other medical conditions. In these cases, the only option for relief can be to use roller skates for wide feet. The benefits of using roller skates for wide feet include increased stability in rolling, a reduction in stress on the knees and hips, and relief from foot pain.

This will conclude our guide for finding the best roller skates for wide flat feet, good luck choosing your next pair!

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