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Skates Of Glory

Welcome to Skates of Glory, your ultimate roller skating destination, created by the dynamic duo of Oliver Harris and Emma Moore! We are overjoyed to have you here as we explore the captivating world of roller skating, delving into its rich culture, innovative styles, and the electrifying experiences it brings.

Our Story

Nine years ago, in a bustling roller rink, we, Oliver Harris and Emma Moore crossed paths for the first time. Little did we know that this chance encounter would eventually lead to an extraordinary partnership and the birth of Skates of Glory. At the time, Oliver, an ambitious roller derby enthusiast, was practicing with his team for an upcoming competition. Meanwhile, Emma, a talented artistic roller skater, was working on her routines in the same rink, perfecting her moves for an important showcase.

Our shared love for roller skating sparked a friendship that flourished over the years. As we pursued our individual skating journeys, we found ourselves exchanging ideas, techniques, and stories of growth, both on and off the rink. The more we collaborated, the more we realized the power our combined knowledge and experience could bring to the roller skating community.

In the spring of 2022, after almost a decade of friendship, we decided to harness our collective passion and expertise to create Skates of Glory. We envisioned it as a haven for roller skating enthusiasts of all levels, where we could share insights, tips, and stories from our unique perspectives as a roller derby skater and an artistic roller skating coach.

As we rolled into the future with Skates of Glory, we knew that our partnership, forged on the rink and cemented through our shared passion, would inspire and uplift roller skaters worldwide, encouraging them to embrace the joy, freedom, and endless possibilities that this beloved sport offers.

Oliver Harris

Oliver Harris

Hello, I am Oliver Harris, a spirited skater with a thirst for thrills who has been gracefully rolling through life for well over a decade. With a diverse background that spans across various skating disciplines, I have acquired an extensive knowledge of techniques and styles.

Starting with humble beginnings in a cozy neighborhood rink, I soon realized my innate talent and passion for roller skating. As I continued to develop my skills, I ventured into the exciting and competitive realm of roller derby, which quickly became one of my favorite pursuits. Combining agility, speed, and strategy, roller derby provided me with an opportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally while also fostering a sense of camaraderie among teammates.

Roller Derby Experience

Through his roller derby experiences, Oliver discovered the value of teamwork and perseverance, attributes that propelled him further into the roller skating scene. Alongside roller derby, he also honed his skills in other skating disciplines, such as speed skating and artistic skating. This diverse background helped him secure numerous accolades and awards, solidifying his reputation as a well-rounded and accomplished skater.

Now, as a co-founder of Skates of Glory, Oliver is eager to share his wealth of expertise with fellow roller skating enthusiasts. By offering insights into various skating disciplines, especially roller derby, he aims to introduce readers to the multifaceted world of roller skating and help them uncover their unique skating passions.

Oliver’s journey serves as a testament to the power of dedication and hard work. As you join us here at Skates of Glory, Oliver will be your guiding force, inspiring you to pursue your own roller skating dreams and reach new heights, both on and off the rink. So, lace up your skates and let Oliver’s contagious enthusiasm fuel your passion for the thrilling world of roller skating.

Emma Moore

Emma Moore

Hey there! I am Emma Moore, a passionate and professional roller skating coach, I have dedicated my life to teaching and encouraging skaters of all ages and abilities to unlock their true potential. With an extensive background in artistic roller skating and a degree in sports psychology, I bring a unique and holistic perspective to coaching, addressing the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of roller skating.

From a young age, I have found my calling in the enchanting world of artistic roller skating. This discipline combines the beauty and grace of figure skating with the agility and dynamism of roller skating, providing a mesmerizing and challenging sport. My talent and hard work in artistic skating led me to compete in numerous regional and national championships, where I showcased my skills and artistry.

Artistic Roller Skating Career

Throughout her artistic roller skating career, Emma developed a deep appreciation for the importance of mental strength and resilience in achieving success. This understanding fueled her pursuit of a degree in sports psychology, which she now seamlessly integrates into her coaching methodology. As a result, Emma is uniquely positioned to nurture not only the technical skills of her students but also their mental fortitude, ensuring they reach their full potential both in and out of the rink.

In addition to her coaching and artistic roller skating accomplishments, Emma has been a tireless advocate for inclusive, safe, and accessible roller skating environments worldwide. She believes that everyone, regardless of their background or skill level, should have the opportunity to experience the joy and empowerment that roller skating provides.

As a co-founder of Skates of Glory, Emma is excited to share her passion for artistic roller skating and her innovative coaching techniques with a broader audience. Her commitment to helping others discover and hone their unique roller skating talents makes her an invaluable resource and guide as you embark on your own roller skating journey.

Join Emma and the Skates of Glory community as we roll together into a world filled with creativity, camaraderie, and boundless possibilities on wheels.

Our Goal

Together, we’ve launched Skates of Glory, a roller skating blog dedicated to providing insights, guidance, and inspiration for skaters at every level. No matter if you’re a novice finding your footing, an intermediate skater seeking improvement, or a seasoned pro hunting for the latest gear and trends, our blog has got you covered.

Skates of Glory will feature equipment reviews, maintenance advice, and discussions on emerging styles. You can also expect interviews with industry experts, coverage of events, and personal tales of triumph and growth from within the roller skating community. Above all, we’ll emphasize the significance of inclusivity and representation in the sport, ensuring a positive and empowering experience for all.

So, strap on your skates, buckle up your helmet, and join us on this thrilling ride. We can’t wait to see where this journey leads us all! Welcome to Skates of Glory, where passion, freedom, and endless possibilities await.

Our Story

Welcome to Skates of Glory! Join us as we dive into the roller skating world, sharing insights, tips, and inspiration for skaters of all levels. Let's roll together and embrace the skate life!

Oliver Harris
Greetings fellow skater, I'm Oliver Harris!

Hello, I am Oliver Harris, a skilled roller skater with expertise in roller derby and speed skating who brings years of experience and contagious enthusiasm to Skates of Glory.

Emma Moore
Hey there fellow skater, my name is Emma Moore

I am Emma Moore, an accomplished artistic roller skater and professional coach who combines sports psychology with my passion for skating.

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