How To Make Roller Skate Wheels Spin Faster

Have you ever watched in envy as others glide smoothly and effortlessly around the rink or through the park on their roller skates while you struggle to keep up? You’re not alone! One of the most common questions asked by roller skaters is how to make roller skate wheels spin faster.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you can boost your speed and have more fun while roller skating. This article will cover various techniques and methods to make your roller skate wheels spin faster, from choosing the right wheels to proper maintenance and adjustments.

Choose the Right Wheels for Your Needs

Selecting the right type of wheels is key in determining how to make roller skate wheels spin faster. Roller skate wheels come in various sizes, hardness levels, and materials, which can impact your overall speed and performance.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is measured in millimeters, with larger wheels generally providing a faster roll. While larger wheels can help you achieve greater speed, they might not be ideal for all skaters or situations. For example, larger wheels can make it more difficult to perform tricks or maintain stability during tight turns.

Wheel Hardness

Wheel hardness, also known as durometer, is measured on a scale ranging from 0A to 100A. Harder wheels (higher durometer) provide a faster, smoother ride, while softer wheels (lower durometer) offer better grip and shock absorption. If you want your roller skate wheels to spin faster, opt for harder wheels that can handle rough surfaces and high speeds.

Wheel Material

Most roller skate wheels are made of polyurethane, which offers a great balance between durability, grip, and speed. However, some wheels are made from hybrid materials or feature aluminum or magnesium cores for enhanced performance. Experiment with different wheel materials to find the best option for your speed goals.

Keep Your Bearings Clean and Lubricated

Another crucial factor in how to make roller skate wheels spin faster is maintaining your wheel bearings. Dirty or poorly lubricated bearings can slow down your wheels, making it harder to gain speed.

Cleaning Your Bearings

To clean your bearings, remove the wheels from your skates and take out the bearings. Use a bearing cleaner or a mild solvent (like rubbing alcohol) to remove dirt and grime. Dry the bearings thoroughly with a clean cloth or let them air dry.

You can read our full guide about how to clean roller skate bearings here.

Here is a tutorial video from the youtube channel of Moxi Roller Skates:

Lubricating Your Bearings

After cleaning your bearings, apply a high-quality bearing lubricant. There are several lubricants available, such as skate-specific lubricants, machine oil, or sewing machine oil. Apply a small amount of lubricant and spin the bearing to evenly distribute the oil. This will help reduce friction, allowing your roller skate wheels to spin faster.

Optimize Your Skate Setup

A well-tuned skate setup can significantly impact wheel speed. Here are some tips for optimizing your setup to make your roller skate wheels spin faster.

Adjusting Your Trucks

Loosening your trucks can make it easier to lean and turn, but it may also make your skates more wobbly at high speeds. Experiment with different truck tightness levels to find a balance between stability and maneuverability that works for you.

Choosing the Right Cushions

Cushions, also known as bushings, impact your truck’s responsiveness. Softer cushions allow for easier turning and more control, while harder cushions provide increased stability at high speeds. Try different cushion hardness levels to find the perfect balance for your skating style.

Properly Fitting Your Skates

A well-fitted skate is essential for maximizing your speed potential. When your skates fit correctly, you can transfer power from your legs to the wheels more efficiently. Make sure your skates are snug but not too tight to prevent discomfort or reduced circulation. If necessary, invest in quality insoles or aftermarket liners to improve the fit of your skates.

Improve Your Skating Technique

Knowing how to make roller skate wheels spin faster also involves honing your skating skills. A strong, efficient skating technique allows you to make the most of your equipment and maintain high speeds.

Develop a Strong Stride

A powerful stride is essential for maintaining speed. Focus on pushing off with your entire foot, not just your toes. This allows you to use more of your leg muscles, which helps you generate more power and speed.

Master the Crossover

The crossover is a technique used in corners and turns to maintain or even increase speed. Crossing one foot over the other while turning can generate additional momentum and keep your wheels spinning faster.

Maintaining an Aerodynamic Position

Reducing air resistance is crucial when making your roller skate wheels spin faster. Bend your knees and lean slightly forward while skating to minimize your body’s drag.

Invest in High-Quality Bearings

In addition to keeping your bearings clean and lubricated, investing in high-quality bearings can make a noticeable difference in your wheel speed. There are several types of bearings on the market, each with its pros and cons.

Standard Bearings

Standard bearings are commonly used in roller skates and come in different grades, with ABEC ratings ranging from 1 to 9. Higher ABEC ratings indicate greater precision and smoother performance, which can lead to faster wheel spin.

Swiss Bearings

Swiss bearings, like Bones Swiss, are known for their high-quality materials and precision manufacturing. They typically offer superior performance compared to standard bearings, allowing for faster speeds and longer-lasting performance.

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings are lighter, more durable, and generate less friction than steel bearings. These qualities make them ideal for those looking to maximize their speed potential. However, ceramic bearings can be more expensive than their steel counterparts, so consider your budget and performance needs when making a decision.

If you need help choosing bearings for your roller skates, try our review for the best roller skates bearings.

Best Bearings for Roller Skates


Monitor Wheel Wear and Replace as Needed

As you skate, your wheels will gradually wear down, which can impact their performance and speed. Monitoring wheel wear and replacing worn wheels can help maintain optimal speed and performance.

Check for Flat Spots

Flat spots on your wheels can slow you down and make your ride feel bumpy. Inspect your wheels regularly for flat spots, and rotate or replace them as necessary.

Rotate Your Wheels

To extend the life of your wheels and maintain a consistent roll, rotate them periodically. Switch the positions of your wheels so that they wear evenly and maintain their round shape.

Replace Worn Wheels

When your wheels become excessively worn or develop significant flat spots, it’s time to replace them. New wheels will provide a smoother ride and help you easily maintain your speed.

Consider Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are small components placed between the bearings in your wheels to help maintain proper alignment and reduce friction. Some skaters find that using wheel spacers can make their roller skate wheels spin faster.

Choose the Right Spacers

Spacers come in different materials, such as aluminum or plastic, and in various sizes to fit different bearings and wheels. Ensure you select the appropriate spacers for your setup to maximize their benefits.

Install Spacers Correctly

Ensure that you install your wheel spacers correctly, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to reduce the risk of wheel misalignment and ensure optimal performance.

Train Your Body for Speed

In addition to optimizing your equipment and technique, focusing on your physical fitness can help make your roller skate wheels spin faster. Incorporate exercises into your training routine that target the muscles used in roller skating and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Strength Training

Focus on lower body exercises, such as squats, lunges, and calf raises, to build the muscles needed for a powerful stride. Core exercises, like planks and Russian twists, can also improve your stability and balance while skating at high speeds.

Cardiovascular Training

Improve your cardiovascular endurance with activities like running, cycling, or swimming to help you maintain higher speeds for longer periods of time.

Flexibility and Balance

Incorporate stretching and balance exercises into your routine to improve your agility and control on your roller skates. Yoga and Pilates are excellent options for enhancing flexibility and balance, which can translate to smoother, faster skating.

how to make roller skate wheels spin faster


Analyze Your Progress and Make Adjustments

As you work on improving your roller skate wheel speed, monitoring your progress and making adjustments as needed are important. This will help you fine-tune your approach and continue making strides in your speed development.

Track Your Speed

Use a stopwatch, smartphone app, or GPS device to measure your speed during your skating sessions. This will help you gauge your progress and identify areas where you can still improve.

Identify Weaknesses

Analyze your skating sessions to identify areas where you may be losing speed, such as in turns, on uphill or downhill slopes, or during transitions between surfaces. Focus on improving these areas to maximize your overall speed.

Make Adjustments as Needed

As you gain experience and improve your skills, you may find that your initial equipment and setup choices no longer suit your needs. Be willing to make adjustments to your skates and technique to continually optimize your speed and performance.


Learning how to make roller skate wheels spin faster involves a combination of choosing the right equipment, maintaining and optimizing your skates, and refining your skating technique. By taking the time to understand the factors that impact wheel speed and dedicating yourself to practice, you can unlock your speed potential and glide through the rink or park with newfound ease.

So, don’t hesitate to experiment with different wheels, maintain your bearings, and focus on your technique – soon, you’ll be the one easily zooming past other skaters.


Question: What factors impact roller skate wheel speed?
Answer: Roller skate wheel speed is influenced by a combination of equipment selection, skate maintenance and optimization, skating technique, and physical fitness.

Question: How do wheel diameter and hardness affect speed?
Answer: Larger wheels generally provide a faster roll, while harder wheels (higher durometer) offer a smoother and faster ride. However, larger wheels can make performing tricks or maintaining stability during tight turns more difficult.

Question: How can I maintain my bearings for optimal speed?
Answer: Clean your bearings regularly using a bearing cleaner or mild solvent, then apply a high-quality bearing lubricant. Properly maintained bearings reduce friction and allow your wheels to spin faster.

Question: How can I optimize my skate setup for faster wheel speed?
Answer: Experiment with different truck tightness levels, cushion hardness levels, and wheel spacers. Ensure your skates are well-fitted, and consider investing in quality insoles or aftermarket liners for improved fit.

Question: What skating techniques can help improve my speed?
Answer: Focus on developing a strong stride, mastering the crossover technique, and maintaining an aerodynamic position while skating. These techniques can help you generate more power and maintain higher speeds.

Question: How can I improve my physical fitness for faster roller skating?
Answer: Incorporate lower body strength training, cardiovascular endurance exercises, and flexibility and balance training into your routine. Building the muscles needed for a powerful.

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