How to Make Roller Skates Slower

Roller skating is an entertaining and exhilarating activity enjoyed by people of all ages. As you gain experience, you may find that your skates allow you to move faster than you’d like.

If you’re wondering how to make roller skates slower, this comprehensive guide will provide you with various methods to help you feel more comfortable and in control.

A. Adjusting Your Skates

Tightening the Trucks

One of the simplest ways to make roller skates slower is to tighten the trucks. The trucks are the metal components that connect the wheels to the boot. By tightening the trucks, you can limit the amount of movement and agility the skates have, which will help slow you down. To tighten the trucks, use a skate tool or wrench and turn the kingpin nut clockwise. Be cautious not to over-tighten, as this can lead to difficulty turning or even damage to your skates.

Changing the Wheels

Another option for making roller skates slower is to switch out the wheels. Skate wheels come in various sizes, materials, and hardness levels, which are rated on a durometer scale. Softer wheels (78A-84A) provide more grip and are generally slower, while harder wheels (88A-101A) are faster and more suited for advanced skaters. To slow down your skates, opt for softer wheels with a lower durometer rating.

Installing Smaller Wheels

In addition to the durometer rating, the size of your wheels can impact your speed. Smaller wheels, usually around 54-58mm in diameter, will make your roller skates slower by reducing the top speed and increasing the amount of friction between the wheel and the ground. When changing your wheels, ensure they are compatible with your skate’s plates and trucks.

B. Modifying Your Skating Technique

Mastering the T-Stop

Knowing how to make roller skates slower is not just about adjusting the equipment; your skating technique plays a significant role in controlling your speed. One effective way to slow down while skating is by mastering the T-stop.

To perform a T-stop, glide on one foot and place the other foot behind it at a 90-degree angle, forming a “T” shape. Apply pressure on the back foot to create friction with the ground, gradually slowing you down.

If you haven’t perfected your stopping technique, you have to read our guide about how to stop on roller skates.

Utilizing the Plow Stop

Another braking technique that can help you control your speed is the plow stop. To execute a plow stop, bend your knees and point your toes inward while keeping your heels apart. This will create friction with the ground and gradually reduce your speed. As you become more comfortable with the plow stop, you can use it proactively to maintain a slower pace while skating.

how to make roller skates slower

C. Adding Speed Control Accessories

Installing Brake Pads

If you’re still wondering how to make roller skates slower, consider installing brake pads. These rubber pads can be attached to the toe or heel of your skate, allowing you to apply pressure and slow down. Brake pads are available in various sizes and styles, so you can find one that suits your needs and preferences.

Using Speed Reducers

Speed reducers are another accessory that can help you make roller skates slower. These devices are typically installed on the wheels or trucks of your skates and create additional friction to slow you down. There are different types of speed reducers available, so it’s essential to find one that’s compatible with your specific skates.


Learning how to make roller skates slower is crucial for beginners and those looking for better control over their speed. By adjusting your skates’ trucks and wheels and utilizing various skating techniques, you can feel more comfortable and confident on your roller skates.

Additionally, installing speed control accessories such as brake pads and speed reducers can provide an extra level of control. Remember, practice makes perfect – so spend some time experimenting with these methods to find the best combination for you.

As you gain experience, you’ll be better equipped to handle different speeds and terrains easily. Always prioritize safety when roller skating, and wear appropriate protective gear such as a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, knowing how to make roller skates slower is an essential skill that will help you enjoy the sport while staying safe and in control.

FAQs: How to Make Roller Skates Slower

Question: Why would someone want to make their roller skates slower?

Answer: Making roller skates slower can help beginners feel more comfortable and in control as they learn to skate. Slowing down the skates can also be helpful for individuals who want to improve their stability, perform certain tricks, or skate in crowded areas.

Question: How do I tighten the trucks on my roller skates to make them slower?

Answer: Use a skate tool or wrench to turn the kingpin nut on the trucks clockwise. Be careful not to over-tighten the trucks, as this can cause difficulty turning or even damage your skates.

Question: What type of wheels should I use to make my roller skates slower?

Answer: Choose softer wheels with a lower durometer rating (around 78A-84A) to make your roller skates slower. These wheels provide more grip and are generally slower compared to harder wheels.

Question: Can changing the size of the wheels affect the speed of my roller skates?

Answer: Yes, installing smaller wheels (typically around 54-58mm in diameter) can make your roller skates slower by reducing the top speed and increasing the friction between the wheel and the ground.

Question: What are some skating techniques I can use to control my speed?

Answer: Mastering techniques like the T-stop and plow stop can help you control your speed while skating. These methods involve creating friction with the ground by positioning your feet in specific ways to gradually slow down.

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