Beginner Guide – Basic Roller Skating Tricks

Knowing the tricks and basic moves of roller skate is a blast. The main reason a lot of people love to skate is due to the fact that they like do some tricks of some form. Whether jumping, spinning or turning, perhaps you have skaters with amazing skills, and you like to do those tricks on rollerblades or quads. This guide will go over some roller skating tricks and basic moves for beginners.

Roll Forward

This is a simple and easy trick. Skate forward and raise skate off the floor. Keep on rolling for five to ten seconds, switch to your right foot, and skate for five to ten seconds. Keep doing this trick to get a good balance. You’ll need better balance as you go on the next skating skill.

Skate Backward

The simplest way to begin is with the toe pointed at a forty-five-degree angle in a V-shape. Allow the wheels to roll back until the heels almost come together. Move back the skates to the toes pointed in and keep doing this exercise again and again. This scissoring trick is the best way of knowing how to skate backward.
Also, you can utilize a wall to push off. But, eventually, you’ll come to a stop. As you go on this technique and become better at balancing, you can move the side of the skate to the side to pick up the pace.
Keep in mind to look over your shoulder once doing these tricks to see where you’re heading.

Here is a video for 5 roller skating tricks

Credit to Queer Girl Straight Skates for this roller skating tricks video


This trick is a big challenge for a beginner if he or she starts. To do this trick, glide forward on two feet. Please pick up the right skate and then put it on the other side of the left skate crossing the legs in the course. Next, pick up the left skate put it back to the other skate.
We always travel in a skating arena in the opposite direction; therefore, knowing how to cross the left foot over the right or vice versa is the superb way to begin. As you get used to it, you are able to cross your right foot over your left foot.
Now skate backward on your one foot. This is relatively the same as skating forward on a single foot.

Glide backward

Pick up the non-dominant foot to begin. Skate backward on which foot for a couple of seconds and then slide backward on the left and right foot, and then switch feet. This trick is easy to carry out and keep balance when you raise the non-dominant foot. When doing this trick, you need to ensure that you keep the knees slightly bent as well as lean forwards.

Backward Crossover

Start by sliding on two feet backward. Lift your one foot and then put it over and on the floor of the other skate; this causes the legs to cross. Pick up the back leg and put it close to crossed over foot until you’re sliding backward again.
In a skating arena, skaters always go the opposite way, so you always cross your right leg over your left leg. You need to continue practicing in both ways, with the front foot crossing over the back foot if you get used to it, switchfoot, and then go in the other way.


Roller Skating Tricks

Two Foot Turn

Start by skating forwards, then pick up the left skate and rotate it in ninety degrees, and put it next to the right skate. The skates will point heel, and you’ll be skating sideways for a short while. Pick up the front leg and twist it ninety degrees. Put it close to the other skate. When done, you’ve successfully performed a two-foot turn.

The 4 Wheeler Trip

This is also one of the best tricks for beginners. The four wheels or two-wheeler on a rollerblade as you just utilize two wheels on every foot. To do the four-wheeler, start by roller gliding forwards on the dominant foot, keeping it even and keeping the other rolling at the rear of the two wheels.
Push off the front foot, switch weight to rear skate, and slide on either two or front-rear wheels on the front foot. The trailing skate must be on 2-wheels. The skates must be approximately one to two feet spaced out, with one in front of the other foot.
If you are using a skate with a toe stopper, using the rear wheels will be simpler than the front wheels.

To Sum Up

These are just some of the tips and basic moves perfect for those who are just starting out in a skate. It is very important to follow the steps very carefully in order to execute the technique successfully. It is also advisable to wear gear to avoid injury while practicing roller skating tricks.

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