Impala Roller Skates

Introduction: Where Did Impala Skates Originate?

Impala was launched in Melbourne Australia in 2017 by a bunch of girls with a passion for skating. With a nostalgic throwback to the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Impala brings back the yesteryears of roller skates.
This company mainly deals with surf, skate, and women’s streetwear. It is backed by 30 years’ worth of experience.

How do Impalas Roller Skates compare to Other Brands in the Market?

The Impala Roller Skates are one of the most popular brands in the market. But do they compare to other brands?
To find out, we need to first understand what makes them different from other brands.
Impalas are some of the best skates around for people who want to skate on a budget. They are manufactured with quality material and can hold up well with frequent use. The wheels on these skates are designed very well and will last you years if you take good care of them.

However, they are not durable when compared to the performance. Because these skates only come with 58mm wheels, they do not provide as much speed or mobility as a 90mm wheel skate would provide. And because they are not designed for jumps or tricks, Impalas are limited in their ability to perform at the same level as other skates on the market.

How Long do Impala Roller Skates Last

What is the expected lifetime of an impala roller skate?
Impala roller skates last on average 2-3 years. But it all depends on the quality of the roller skates.
There is no set amount of time an impala skate lasts. The lifespan of roller skates depends on how well it is taken care of. If the roller skates are taken care of properly, they can last a long time.

Our Top 5 Picks of Impala Roller Skates

Impala Skates are a type of roller skate that is loved by many people. They offer comfortability for the feet, beautiful colors. Here are our picks for the top 5 Impala Roller Skates
(Some of the skates we have picked are the same but in different colors and sizes)

Impala Women’s Quad Skate –
These roller skates look and feel great at first glance. They’re padded well and the colors look cheerful.
The wheels are made from polyurethane and their size is 58 millimeters.
The baseplate and tracks are made from aluminum alloy, and the sole is from Polyvinyl Chloride.
They are packed with ABEC 7 bearings & a PU brake stopper.
Most reviews for this product are very positive (86%).

Impala Rollerskates – Quad Skate Marawa Rose Gold 8
The wheels are good for both riding on indoor/outdoor, though we mainly use them outdoor
If you’re a beginner looking for a new skate, check out these skates. They have a reasonable price and they are very stylish.
The technical details of these skates are quite similar to the roller skates we mentioned before.
The majority of reviews on Amazon were very good.

Impala Black Rollerskates – Quad Skate
Although it can be difficult to find comfortable skate shoes, these hit the spot. The padding makes the skates comfortable and painless around our feet & ankles.
The metal plates on these skates make them a bit heavier. We were surprised about this at first, but eventually, we got used to it and it was no problem because we could still skate as well as before without much difference.

The wheels roll nicely on pavement, but be careful near cracks or other uneven surfaces because this may cause the ride to be bumpier.
Keep in mind That the toe stops are removable, but not adjustable. You can remove them to help with stability if needed, but you won’t be able to adjust them to suit your needs.
The technical details of this skate are the same as the two listed before.
83% of the reviews on Amazon are very good!

Impala Quad Rollerskates (5 colors available)
These rollerskates are quite similar to the three options we have stated up to now, but come in different sizes and colors (black, white, pink, leopard, and holographic) to give you more options to choose from.
The majority of reviews on Amazon are positive, with 77% of shoppers giving a 5-star rating.

Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate – Black or White
Incredible inline skates, They’re sturdy and well-made, feel super secure when you’re wearing them and look as though they’ll last. The lining and outer shell reminded us of a ski boot which we liked as well.
Those inline roller skates are made from durable plastic with a breathable padded boot.
the closure type is lace-up, those inline skates are packed with ABEC-7 bearings.
They come with an optional heel brake and two Allen wrenches.

Be aware that the sizes are based on US Women’s sizing, so if you’re a half-size we highly recommend choosing the next full size.

Impala Roller Skate Styles & Varieties

There are many styles of impala roller skates to choose from, but below are some recommendations for the best skate style for different types of skating.
The consensus is that the best type of impala for recreational skating is the low-cut skate. The low-cut design makes it easier to push off with your toes, or “power dance.” If you’re an avid skater with narrow feet, the low-cut skate may be too tight and uncomfortable.

If you want a more comfortable skate that is easier to put on and take off, then go with a mid-cut style. Again, if your feet are broad then this may not be the right option for you as it can feel quite tight in this area.

impala roller skates

Are Impala Roller Skates True to Size

The Impala Skates are true to size and do not have any extra room. I am a size 9, and the 9 in the Impala Skates fit me perfectly. The toe box is also rather small so I would not recommend sizing up or down.

The width of the Impala Skates is considered average for this type of skate. It does not have a very wide toe box but it will accommodate most feet unless they’re on the wider side. They’re pretty comfortable too and that’s a good thing because they only come in one width, which means you’ll have to test them out before buying them if your feet are on the narrower side!

Each Impala Skates product page has a sizing chart, which includes an insole length measurement. This is the most accurate way to find the right size for you.
The sizes are measured in US Men’s, US Women’s, and European (EU) shoe sizes.

Are Impala Roller Skates good?

We saw this question: are Impala roller skates good? in many places and we will do our best to answer it.

It depends on what you mean by good. The Impala Skates are the most affordable roller skates on the market.
A brand is only good if it’s good at everything, and in this case, the Impala Roller Skates are not that good in terms of quality.

The reviews for this product on Amazon are mixed, with people complaining about the skate’s strap being too loose and how it does not stay tight to their foot. Other issues with these roller skates include them not fitting well to your feet and making your feet sore.

Impala is a brand of recreational skates. They are not the most popular brand but if you are looking for some affordable skates, they may be worth considering.
So are Impala roller skates good – It sounds like the decision is up to you and it may depend on what matters most.

What are the Advantages of Impala Roller Skates?

  • Impala offers a variety of colors in their roller skates
  • Frames are made of high-quality aluminum alloy that is strong yet lightweight
  • The wheels are made of urethane which is often more durable than plastic
  • The bearings are double-sealed to prevent dirt and water from getting in
  • They are less expensive than other roller skates.

What are the Disadvantages of Impala Roller Skates?

The disadvantages of Impala roller skates are that they are not as durable, and are more difficult to maintain than other types of roller skates.

  • The leather on the impalas is not of the highest quality.
  • The skate has a shorter wheelbase which makes it less stable.
  • The Impala has a very high dust factor.
  • The Impala is not manufactured with a rubber sole.

Are Impala Roller Skates Worth It?

This section will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase Impala Roller Skates.
Most Impala Skates reviews are generally good. With most of the Impala roller skate reviews being positive, it is hard to go wrong with this purchase.
You will find that most users of these particular roller skates are happy with their purchase and would recommend them to others that are looking for beginner roller skates.

The only negative thing that you will find in any of the reviews (besides the disadvantages we have listed before) is the fact that they may not be suitable for use on rougher surfaces since this can cause a bit more stress on your ankles.

Credit to INDY JAMMA JONES for this awesome review video.

Types of Impala Roller Skates for Beginners

The Impala roller skate is one of the best options for beginners. It is a simple and traditional design, which makes it quite popular among beginners.
There are many variations of this type of skate available in the market, like:
The Impala New Classic Roller Skate: This is an affordable and durable beginner skate. The Impala Vision Roller Skates: These are ideal for those who need a more stylish design.

The Impala Ladies Vision Pro Roller Skate: This is ideal for those who need a more stylish design as well as wider wheels to accommodate female feet.
The Impala Junior Vision Roller Skates: These skates offer a perfect balance between affordability and quality. They would be appropriate for children aged 4-8 years old or people with smaller feet size 5.

How to Get Started with Impala Roller Skate Training

The first thing you need to do is find the appropriate roller skating skate for your level of skating.
The second step is to find a training program that will work for you.
You’ll need a helmet, skates, and a few pads to get started. Read over the safety tips below to learn more.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Don’t skate near traffic.
  • Skate away from other people.
  • Look out for slippery surfaces.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks!

There are many different programs out there, but our favorite one is called Figure Skating 101.

It has over 500 videos and it goes through all the basics of skating.


Do Impala Roller Skates Run Small or Big

Do impala skates run small?
Impala Roller Skates are known to run small, but not all of them.
As with most Impala Skates, they will have a size chart on the website that can help you determine what size you should get. Impala Skates have a reputation for running small. Most people who buy Impala say that they’re true to their sizing.

This is a topic of debate since there are varying reviews from customers on the size of the shoes. Some believe they run small while others believe they run big. The one thing that seems to be agreed on is that Impala Skates come in different sizes depending on if you would like a loose or tight fit.
The size of the shoe will be a matter of personal preference. If you are between sizes, it might be a good idea to try on both and see which one feels better before making your purchase.
Although it’s hard to answer the question: do impala roller skates run small? We did our best to give you some insights.

Are Impala Roller Skates Good For Wide Feet

This section will be reviewing the Impala Skates for people with wide feet.

Impala roller skates are manufactured in China, and they’re one of the most popular skate brands out there. The company claims that it’s the only brand that has a patented design to accommodate different foot sizes and provide users with maximum comfort and stability. We found Impala skates to be quite good for wide feet and we recommend them to people with narrow or average width feet as well.

Many different types of roller skates are out on the market. Some of these are good for people who have wide feet. One of these is the Impala Roller Skate. The Impala Roller skate is designed with maneuverability in mind, which means it can work well for those with wider feet. These are great for those who have wide feet because they come in a size 11 and 12, which can accommodate those with wider widths.

Are Impala Roller Skates Good For Outdoors

Impala roller skates are a popular brand of skate with a long tradition. Impala is known for being one of the most durable and high-quality brands in the industry, but can you wear them outdoors?

The short answer is yes, they are good for the outdoors. It’s not recommended that you wear them on rough terrain or sidewalks that have a lot of cracks or rocks because these places will cause the wheel to slip and your bearings to wear out quickly. But if you’re skating on pavement, asphalt, or other flat surfaces then go ahead and lace up your Impala’s.

Some people say that Impala Skates are not good for outdoors because they can’t grip the ground as well as outdoor skate shoes. Other people say that Impala Skates are just fine for outdoors because they don’t wear down as fast as other outdoor skates.
There is no clear answer to this question. The best way to find out if Impala Roller Skates are good for the outdoors is to try them out and see what you think.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Right Impala Roller Skate for You

The top four reasons that people choose to use an Impala Roller Skate is to help them enhance their skating ability, introduce a new sport to their children, provide a low-cost and fun activity for friends and family, and improve the appearance of the skater’s feet.

While Impala Skates may come in different colors and sizes, there are some things you should consider before you buy one. You should make sure that the roller skate fits well and is easy to assemble. You also want to make sure that it lasts for years because it could be costly if something goes wrong. Finally, it should be made from durable material that will provide good protection for your feet when you fall or when you bump into something.

Good Luck choosing your pair of Impala roller skates!

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