How To Make Roller Skate Pom Poms

Pompoms are a dazzling way to beautify roller skates. Skate in style with fluffy and colored design balls on the top of your feet. Roller skate pompoms are widely sold around you. However, these pompoms are unreasonably expensive, and you can get lovely, customized, and easy-to-make pompoms at your convenience— by making one yourself!

DIY pompoms are cheap and easy to make. All you need to do is let your creative juices flow while following a simple-step procedure.

This article will guide is for people who wish to know how to make roller skate pom poms to your taste.

What are Roller Skate Pompoms?

Pompoms are cute, round-shaped balls made with yarn. They come in different colors and sizes. Pompoms are not only used on bags. They are a decorative accessory on bags, presents, slippers, and key holders.
Extremely fashionable, you can own a string of them and change them as you like to match your outfit.

how to make roller skate pom poms

What do you need to make pompoms for roller skates?

The items required for pompoms are easy to get.

A pair of scissors

Sharp scissors are a great help! Cutting through the yarn cannot get easier when you have a sharp pair. If there are no sharp scissors at home, try this sharpening trick to sharpen blunt scissors. Fold a piece of foil paper into four places and cut through it several times.

Cardboard paper

This will form the twirling tool. We can get cardboard paper from the back of a used notebook. (We did say cheap and easy-to-get, right?). This way, you don’t need to get any from the bookstore. The cardboard color should be bright, preferably brown or white. Choose whatever color is available if a pencil mark is visible on it.

Two round bases, big and small

We usually use the base of a small jar for the large base and a quarter coin for the small base. The base must be circular.

Yarn, whichever color is preferred

Feel free to select any kind of yarn available. We prefer fluffy and thick ones. These make pompoms with better bounce and upright stand (if you get what I mean). You can choose to combine more than one color of yarn as you like.

Newspaper & Pencil

This is used to draw outlines of the round bases. Any sharpened pencil is OK, as long as it is legible (No eyebrow pencils, please!)

How to make roller skate pom poms

The table is set, and we are ready to make some beauty! Here are the steps to follow when making a roller skate pompom:

  1. Doughnut sizing: Funny, but the first step is to create a doughnut outline with round bases and a pencil. The larger round base determines the size of your pompom. When going all out, we use a can of cat food. Place the can on the paper and trace the outline with the pencil twice in different places. Remove the tin and place the smaller base in the center of the large base diagram. There you go! Two donuts for a pompom.
  2. Cut the outline: Use the scissors to cut out the large circle outline. Cut across to the small circle and cut out the outline of the small circle, too. This gives you two donuts with cuts. Increase the cut to an inch of space. The donuts become C-shaped. Held together equally as one, these become the pompom maker.
  3. Yarn twirling: It’s time to use the yarn. We doubled it, so we got one full pompom. We twirl the yarn on the C (our pompom maker) from one end to another. The yarn is looped around the pompom maker four times, each layer on another, for fullness. The yarn is loosely wrapped for easy cutting later on. Secure the end and cut away the rest of the yarn.
  4. Cut-through: From one end of the C, use scissors to divide the folding over of the yarn at the edges of the C (in between the two donuts). Hold the yarn tightly at the center so it doesn’t disengage.
  5. Tie-up: Cut a 12-inch string of yarn and pass it through the division formed by the cut-through. The string ends up in between the two C-shapes. Knot tightly with double knots.
  6. Reshape: Take out the C-shapes. If uneven edges and yarn strands are sticking out, you can reshape by flattening the pompom on the C-shape and cutting out sides that go over the circular boundary. After that, flatten in the other direction and trim as well. Remember to place the newspaper on the table so you can clean up faster. We have a nice round and fluffy pompom! Well done, you did it!

Here is a tutorial video:

Credit to Tani Coy Roller Mama for this awesome tutorial

How to attach pompoms on roller skates?

It is time to fix our latest works of art on our roller skates.
All you need to do is:

  • Fix a short lace string through the pompom. This is what attaches the pompom to the skates.
  • Take one end of the lace string and pull in through the last left hole at the top of the feet. It will be tight because you have shoelaces to go through already.
  • Once that is achieved, pull the other end through the opposite right hole and pull out on the other side.
  • The pompom already stands upright on your skate boots. Secure it by tying both ends together and tucking it under the pompom.

You’re set!
Now you know how to make roller skate pom poms.

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