How To Clean Roller Skate Bearings

One of the most crucial and typical skate maintenance procedures that every professional roller skater should understand is how to clean their bearings. So, this article is about how to clean the bearings in roller skates.

In addition to ensuring that your roller skate or rollerblades spin more freely, ensuring your skate bearing is clean can also help extend its lifespan. Your roller skates will begin to slow down if they become extremely dirty, making it difficult to maneuver around the rink.

How to Clean Roller Derby Skate Bearings

Skateboard bearing cleaning is very similar to roller skate bearing cleaning. As a result, the advice given here also applies to rollerblades, quad roller skates, and inline skate bearings. We will only highlight a few significant variations in the steps that follow.

Keeping clean bearings is crucial for skating. It will not only keep you skating flexible, but it will also make your bearings last longer. Here is a short guide on how to clean roller skate bearings.

Although this guide is on how to clean roller skate bearings, you might be wondering which bearings are the most suitable for your skates. If that’s the case, you should read our review on the best bearings for roller skates.

Unfasten the screw or axle nut on each wheel

Using a socket wrench or skate tool, first remove the axle nut from one of your roller skates wheels on quad skates. Remove the nut entirely and put it into a tiny cup for safekeeping.

Bearings for inline skates are handled slightly differently. Axle screws on most inline must first be loosened before being removed from the frame. The axle screw should be removed and stored safely.

Take the skate’s wheel off

We need to take the wheels from the skate plate or frame. Therefore, remove the axle nut or screw first. For quad skates, gently pull the wheel from the axle. Push the wheel away from the skate frame when using rollerblades.

Choose your preferred tools to unscrew both bearings from the wheels

Take out the wheels’ bearings before you try anything. The procedure is the same whether you take out inline or quad skate bearings. Use a hammer and a screwdriver.

You can use a little screwdriver and a hammer to remove the bearings. To remove the bearing, insert the screwdriver into the bearing hole and hit the screwdriver with a hammer.

how to clean roller skate bearings

Take off any metal or rubber shields from the bearing

You might remove the bearing covers once the bearings have been removed from the wheels. Some folks skip this step, but we always advise you to clean the skate bearings afterward.

The bearing shields can easily be removed with a safety pin and are typically made of plastic or rubber. If you don’t have a needle, a paper clip that has been torn apart can also be used, but it is a little trickier to handle.

Unwrap your safety pin and insert the pointed end into the rubber cover. The bearing shields should then be removed. After completing this procedure, the ball bearings on either bearing should be visible. After removing the axle nut and screws from the skate bearing, put them in your tiny cup together with the bearing shields.

The next step is to dry those bearings

Set down some paper towels or a dry rag and remove the bearings from the solution. We usually put down a few layers and then put the bearings on top. Then we use a paper towel to dry them. Change the direction of each bearing and clean the outside.

You can use canned air or a hair dryer to dry the insides quickly. If not, get a cold drink and sit down while you wait for the bearings to dry. Before you move on to the next step, you want to ensure that your bearings are completely dry.

Add a few drops of speed cream or lubricant to each bearing

The next step on how to clean roller skate bearings is to lubricate them. You can choose to re-lubricate each bearing by putting some speed cream, lubricant, or grease. This helps your bearings work at their best and makes clean bearings easy.

Reattach each bearing’s bearing shield

It’s time to reinstall all the bearing shields on the bearings now that they are dry, clean, and coated with speed cream or another lubricant. Push the rubber shields back into the skate bearing one at a time while holding only one bearing.

Be sure to position the shields on the right side of the bearing. Numerous shields also bear slogans or brand logos. The rubber shield’s writing should be facing you.

Reinstall two bearings in each wheel

After that, it’s time to reinstall your inline or quad skate bearings in those wheels! Take your bearing press and a wheel. Slide a bearing, a skate wheel, and another bearing onto the bearing press.

Ensure that the bearing’s shields are facing out. Pull the press’s lever after that, and voilà! Your bearings are now in place.

Place Your Skates’ Wheels One by One

The quad wheel should then be slid into the skate axle. Using inline skates, slide the wheel through the skate frame before screwing the axle.

Tighten the Screw or Axle Nut

Next, add an axle nut to each quad wheel by grabbing one from your cup. Adjust the tightness so the wheel rolls easily without moving when you push or pull on it.

The axle screw-on inline skates should be tightened all the way. After that, spin the wheel to put it to the test. With a slight push of the wheels, it ought to spin freely for many seconds.

In case you prefer to watch a tutorial video, this one can be handy:

Credit to the Moxi Roller Skates youtube channel for this awesome tutorial.

In Conclusion

This guide taught you how to clean roller skate bearings without contacting professionals.

Now, you can take your roller skate outside and enjoy your adventure.


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