Riedell Orbit Skates Review

Gliding Down Sidewalks in Style: Our Review of the Riedell Orbit Skates

As a group of friends who love cruising along the oceanfront boardwalks and weaving through neighborhood streets, we’re always on the lookout for recreational outdoor skates that can keep up with our cross-town adventures. We want skates that roll smooth and feel comfortable for hours but also reflect our fun-loving personalities.

When we laid eyes on Riedell’s new Orbit skates available in lively colors like pink, purple, and teal, we just knew we had to take them for a test drive. The eye-catching pastel hues immediately caught our attention and made our hearts flutter with excitement. After taking the Orbits for an extensive roll around the neighborhood, we’re ready to provide a detailed review breaking down the pros, cons, technical specs, sizing, and overall performance.

Keep reading for the full scoop to see if these colorful recreational skates live up to their promise of style and comfort.


First Impression

As soon as we laced up the Orbits, we were smitten with their stand-out style. The vibrant pink, purple, and teal colors pop against the white vinyl boot in a totally fresh way. The pretty pastel hues are much more exciting than the typical black skates we’re used to.

We love that Riedell offers the Orbits in lively colors that let us showcase our personalities and coordinate with our favorite outfits. The eye-catching shades make us feel confident and cute as we cruise down the boardwalk.

We also appreciated the comfort right out of the box. The Orbits feature thick, padded tongues that cushion your feet and ankles. Our feet felt happily nestled instead of pinched and constricted as some vinyl boots can feel before breaking in.

The 57mm wheels strike the ideal balance between maneuverability and shock absorption for casual recreational skating. They hold their speed well without feeling too bulky.
Overall, our first impressions of the Riedell Orbit skates were extremely positive. The mix of comfort, performance, and stand-out style exceeded our expectations.

Riedell Orbit Skates

Hitting the Streets

Eager to see how the Orbits handled outside their natural environment of sidewalks and bike paths, we decided to take them for an extended test drive around the neighborhood streets.
We were happy to discover that the Orbit’s Marvel aluminum plates held up impressively even on rough asphalt. The aluminum material provides a good balance of stiffness for stability and flex for shock absorption. The plates felt solid underfoot without being overly rigid.

The 57mm wheels proved to be a versatile size for rolling over small sticks and stones often found littering neighborhood streets. We felt in control gliding over minor road debris thanks to the forgiving urethane material.

Turning sharp corners also felt easy and smooth. We were able to really lean into tight turns, feeling the edges of the wheels grip the asphalt. The Orbits carve wonderfully without compromising stability.

Overall, we were thrilled that the Orbit skates handled so well on less-than-perfectly paved roads. Their performance boosted our confidence to adventure beyond the nice and smooth park paths we typically stick to.


Pros: Why We Love the Orbits

After breaking in the Orbits during hours of outdoor skating, we’re ready to share the key pros that won us over:

  • Eye-catching style – The vibrant pink, purple, and teal colors are so cute! We love the ability to express our personal styles.
  • Thick padded tongue – Provides excellent ankle cushioning right out of the box for a comfortable fit.
  • Vinyl boot comfort – The padded vinyl boot broke in quickly and feels great during long skate sessions.
  • Aluminum plate – A durable yet flexible Marvel plate is ideal for recreational outdoor skating over imperfect surfaces.
  • Outdoor wheels – 57mm wheels absorb shock comfortably while providing great maneuverability and speed.
  • Easy turning – Carving and maneuvering tight turns felt smooth and stable thanks to the supportive cushions.
  • Affordable price – Very budget-friendly skates for quality with great value ranging from $119-$169.


Cons: A Few Minor Gripes

While the Orbit skates wowed us overall, we did have a couple of small complaints:

  • Runs small – We recommend sizing up, especially if you plan to wear thick socks. The vinyl boot runs snugly.
  • Basic bearings – The stock ABEC-5 bearings are just okay. Upgrading would provide faster rolls.
  • Heel slippage – The vinyl boot stretched a bit during the break-in leading to some slight heel slippage issues.

While the sizing quirk and basic bearings are easy fixes, we do wish the Orbit boot was a bit stiffer through the ankle to prevent heel slippage. But for the price point, we can’t complain too much. Just be prepared to tighten the laces frequently.

riedell orbit skates review

Technical Specs

For those interested in the Orbit’s specs, here are the key details:

  • Boot Material: Padded vinyl
  • Plate: Marvel aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 57mm/85A hardness
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Toe Stop: Adjustable rubber (color matching)
  • Closure: Laces
  • Sizes: Men’s 6-11.5, Women’s 4.5-12
  • Colors: Pink, purple, teal

While the specs are fairly basic recreational components, the aluminum plate and ideal outdoor wheel size stand out at this very budget-friendly price point.


Sizing Guidance

Since sizing seems to run small on these skates, we want to provide some guidance:

  • For width, the Orbits fit true to size. Just match your normal shoe width.
  • For length, definitely plan to size up, especially if you wear thick athletic socks. The padded tongue takes up interior space.
  • If you’re in between sizes, size up for the best fit. The boot will stretch some during a break-in.
  • The hook-and-loop power strap helps get a secure fit if sizing up.
  • If possible, try the skates on in person with your intended sock thickness to get your ideal size.

Following this sizing guidance will help prevent discomfort from the Orbits running too small, especially through the toe box. The snug fit seems to be the main sizing complaint, so plan accordingly.


Ideal Use Cases

After our extensive testing, we feel the Riedell Orbit skates are ideal for these use cases:

  • Beginner outdoor skaters – The comfort and value make these a perfect starting pair.
  • Casual recreational skating – They excel at cruising parks and neighborhoods at an easy pace.
  • Boardwalk, bike path, and trail skating – Great for scenic skating on smooth surfaces.
  • Rink skating – While geared for the outdoors, they work well at indoor rinks too (consider changing the wheels to indoor wheels).
  • Kids/teen skaters – The cute colors and support will appeal to young skaters.

The Orbits are specifically designed for recreational outdoor skating, not intense artistic skating or skate parks. However, they provide a versatile and affordable option for casual cruising
in comfort and style.

Riedell Orbit

Riedell Orbit Skates Review – Final Verdict

After extensive testing rollicking around town, we’re happy to give the Riedell Orbit skates a
big thumbs up. For recreational outdoor skaters looking for both style and comfort, the Orbits are a fantastic choice that delivers an impressively smooth and cute ride.

While the basic bearings and potential sizing issues are small drawbacks, the eye-catching colors, padded comfort, and durable aluminum plates provide awesome performance and value. We happily rate these budget-friendly skates 4.5 out of 5 stars.

So if you’re seeking stylish skates to upgrade your casual outdoor adventures, we highly recommend taking the Riedell Orbits for a spin. Their lively colors and plush comfort will keep you smiling mile after mile as you cruise down the boardwalk or chart a course through the neighborhood. These adorable skates pass our test with flying colors!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Available Colors: pink, purple, teal
Price: Price: The price may differ from 119$ to 169$ depending on the store you choose.
Link to purchase from Amazon
Link to purchase from Walmart


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