Riedell OG Skates Review

The Original Groove: Our In-Depth Review of the Riedell OG Skates

As devoted dance skaters who live for the rhythms and grooves, we’re constantly searching for skates that move as naturally as we do. Whether we’re jamming under the lights or cruising the neighborhood, we want high-performance skates engineered for style, comfort, and free-flowing footwork.

So when we discovered Riedell’s OG skates promising unbeatable comfort and precision for dance, we immediately had to try them. We eagerly laced up the OGs for hours of grooving to see if they could keep up with our lively energy.

After countless hours putting these premium leather skates through their paces, we’re ready to break down everything you need to know in this detailed review. Keep reading for the full scoop on sizing, specs, pros, cons, usage, and overall performance of Riedell’s OG dance skates.


Unboxing First Impressions

Receiving a shipping box with the signature Riedell blue and white logo already hints at the premium quality inside. Sliding out the matte black skates from the perfect packaging, they radiate an elite aura with flawless accents and supple leather.

The serialized boot tag speaks to the custom-made construction. And Touches like the terrycloth boot bag show attention to detail.

Trying on the OGs straight out of the box, the premium leather upper naturally contours to your feet even when standing still. The anatomical padding zones prevent any pressure points while providing support.

Walking around in the plush shearling tongue feels like slipping on well-worn dance shoes loved for ages. The lightweight aluminum plates underneath promise explosive moves.

Overall, the unboxing experience and first try-on of the OGs highlight meticulous craftsmanship and design considerations to enable natural comfort. They feel broken in to perfection right off the bat.


Taking Them for a Spin

Eager to see how the OG’s elite components translated into motion, we eagerly laced them up and rolled out ready to get funky. Gliding seamlessly during those first few laps, the supple leather boot moved as one with our feet.

The anatomical padding zones flexed and supported properly through each stride. The shearling tongue eliminated lace bites or rubbing against the ankle bones.

Carving crosses and transitions felt effortless with the boots mirroring the angles of our feet precisely. The 57mm Radar wheels provided the perfect balance of speed and agility for dance moves.

Jamming out to faster rhythms, the responsive aluminum plates enabled quick edge work and footwork. The precision bearings delivered smooth acceleration right on the beat.

Dancing and jamming inspired confidence to explore new moves and flows thanks to the structural rigidity keeping our feet supported. The OGs enabled us to skate faster, smoother, and funkier thanks to their unparalleled precision.


Ideal for Dance Styles

After many sessions testing the Riedell og skates, they seem ideally suited for dance styles requiring precision footwork and transitions like:

  • Rhythm/Artistic Skating – Great rigid support for intricate moves
  • Urban Dance Skating – Agile for popping and grooving in the streets
  • Couples Skating – Sync up flawlessly with your partner’s moves

The flawless performance of the OGs enables dancers to focus on their choreography and flow without distraction. The boots become an extension of your feet.

riedell og skates

Pros: Why We Love Them

After countless hours dancing and jamming in the Riedell og skates, here are the standout pros that won us over:

  • Unreal comfort – Plush shearling tongue hugs your feet
  • Custom leather feel – Conforms perfectly to your feet over time
  • Elite maneuverability – Lightweight and highly responsive
  • Ideal dance wheels – 57mm size grips and maneuvers flawlessly
  • Smooth precision bearings – Provide swift momentum
  • Competition-level support – Rigid and supportive of technical tricks
  • Flawless quality – Clear attention to detail in every component
  • Anatomical padding zones – Prevent pressure points
  • Quick break-in time – Comfortable right out of the box

The Riedell og skates provide a pro-level experience crafted for even the most dedicated dance skaters. Their performance is truly unbeatable.


Cons: Minor Imperfections

No skate is absolutely perfect though, and we noticed a couple of small issues:

  • Very expensive price tag – 709$ is a major investment
  • Advanced skills required – Not suitable for beginner skaters
  • Overkill for casual recreational use – Best for devoted dancers
  • Only come in black – More color options would be nice

But for elite dance skaters wanting the absolute best custom fit and performance, the OGs deliver on their premium promise. They’re an investment targeted at highly experienced groovers.


Technical Specs

For those interested in the OG’s competitive specs, here are the key details:

  • Boot Material: Leather
  • Plate: PowerDyne Reactor Neo aluminum
  • Wheels: Radar Varsity Plus 57mm/101A
  • Bearings: KwiK Zenith (they do not mention the ABEC rating but they feel like ABEC 9)
  • Toe Stop: Jam plug
  • Sizes: 4-13
  • Color: Black

With expertly selected components like the Radar wheels and precision bearings, every aspect aims for perfection to enable flawless dancing.


Caring for Your Riedell OG skates

To get the most out of your investment, here are our top care and maintenance tips for the OG skates:

  • Inspect wheels and toe stops before each use for signs of wear
  • Wipe boots down gently after sessions to remove dirt and dust
  • Use quality leather conditioner regularly on boots to prevent cracking
  • Monitor screws for loosening and re-tighten them as needed
  • Rotate wheels periodically to distribute wear evenly and extend the life
  • Replace worn laces that become frayed or stretched out
  • Store skates properly in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Remove insoles and use cedar shoe trees to absorb moisture and retain shape

Proper care will ensure your OGs deliver elite performance and stay comfortable for many seasons of dance skating to come. Think of it as loving for your feet!


Sizing Guidance

Based on our experience, here are some sizing tips on the OGs:

  • Length runs true-to-size so order you’re normal shoe size
  • Heat molding helps customize the contour and stretch
  • Trying in-store allows you to get the perfect fit
  • Thinner dance socks enhance precision


Final Verdict

After many hours of intense dance sessions testing every aspect, we happily rate the Riedell OGs a perfect 4.5 out of 5 stars for competitive-level skaters. If you’re devoted to mastering nuanced footwork and flows, no skate compares to the OG’s custom fit, precision, and flawless performance.

While the lofty price means they aren’t accessible for all, nothing matches the OG’s capabilities once broken in. They reward highly experienced dancers with hyper-responsive agility crafted for the demands of competitive rhythmic styles.

So for devoted dance skaters ready to invest in the absolute best custom skate money can buy, we can’t recommend the Riedell OGs enough. Lace them up and unlock your true rhythmic potential!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Available Colors: Black
Price: The price is 709$
link to purchase from Riedell’s official website
Link to purchase from Walmart


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