Riedell Dart Skates Review

A Versatile and Padded Low-Cut Skate for rink and speed Skating

As indoor skaters looking for both versatility and comfort in a budget-friendly package, we were excited to try out Riedell’s Dart quad roller skates. With their low-cut padded vinyl boot, aluminum plate, and very reasonable price point, they seemed like an ideal option for roller derby bouts and recreational skating sessions.

After taking the Riedell Dart skates for laps around the rink, we’re thoroughly impressed with the quality components and performance Riedell packs into the Dart at such an affordable cost. If you’re a value-conscious skater who still wants quality gear, read on for our full review of the Riedell Dart roller skates.

Riedell Dart Skates Review

Padding and Comfort

Lacing up the Dart’s low-cut vinyl boot for the first time, we instantly noticed the ample padded interior cushioning our ankles and Achilles area. This foam padding felt soft yet supportive, promising to keep our feet comfortable lap after lap. The boot only rises several inches above the ankles, providing flexibility of movement. The padded tongue and collar help lock the feet in place securely.

Once laced and tightened, the boots felt snug but not constricting. As we stood up and walked around to break them in, we didn’t experience any major discomfort or rubbing. The boot is lined with a smooth microfiber lining that prevents irritation. After loosening the laces slightly, the fit felt just right.

riedell dart skates

Lightweight Feel

Hitting the shiny aluminum plates on the floor, we instantly noticed how lightweight the Riedell Dart skates felt underfoot. The aluminum build keeps weight down while providing more durability than nylon plates.

As we kicked off for the first time and built speed, the plates felt very responsive. This encouraged us to push our paces faster with each lap, feeling the smooth glide under each stride.


Ideal Use Cases

After taking the Riedell Dart skates for a thorough test drive, they seem best suited for these use cases:

  • Roller Derby – The low-cut boot gives derby skaters flexibility of movement for juking, crossovers, and knee drops. The snug fit and aluminum plate provide the support needed for hard hits and falls.
  • Recreational Indoor Skating – The ample padding and medium wheel size make the Dart comfortable for casual sessions at the roller rink. The quality components can grow with intermediate skills.
  • Dance Skating – The padded low cut is ideal for dance moves like lunges, camel spins, and shooting ducks. The Radar Energy wheels have enough grip for slide steps and pivot turns.
  • Outdoor Skating – While possible, the Dart’s components work better indoors. Consider upgrading the wheels for rugged outdoor skating. The low cut offers needed ankle flexibility.
    The Riedell Dart roller skates are likely not the ideal choice for aggressive park skating which demands more advanced components. But for the above core use cases, it hits a sweet spot of quality, comfort, and affordability.

riedell dart ombre

Pros of the Riedell Dart Roller Skates

After our testing, some clear positives emerged about the Darts:

  • Aluminum plate – The aluminum build provides more durability than nylon plates while keeping the weight low. This translates to a responsive feel that encourages faster strides.
  • Padded low-cut boot – The generous interior foam padding prevents blisters while supporting feet and ankles. The low cut promotes flexibility of movement.
  • Microfiber lining – The microfiber material inside the boot provides a smooth feel that prevents irritation and blisters.
  • Affordable price – Available from around $129-$135, the Dart hits a budget-friendly sweet spot for recreational skaters. You get impressive quality for a very reasonable investment.
  • Quick lace loops – The lace loops along the eyelets allow you to quickly tighten and loosen the laces to find just the right fit.


Downsides of the Darts

We did have a couple of downsides emerge during testing:

  • Toe stop – The stock plastic toe stop doesn’t grip quite as firmly as higher-end models. This can lead to instability stopping quickly. Upgrading to a gum rubber toe is recommended.
  • Not for pro park skating – While versatile, the Dart’s components aren’t quite up to the demands of hardcore aggressive park skating. The wheels and plates are better optimized for indoor and recreational skating.
  • Break-in period – The vinyl boots have a brief break-in period as your feet adjust to the snug padding and shape. But after a few sessions, they mold well to your feet.
  • Laces may loosen – We needed to double knot the laces to keep them tight throughout skating sessions. Waxed laces could help them stay tighter.

riedell dart ombre

Riedell Dart Technical Specifications

Looking at the technical specifications for the Riedell Dart roller skates:

  • Boot Material: Vinyl
  • Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon
  • Wheels: 62mm/93A
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Toe Stop: Midi Gripper
  • Available Colors: Black, light blue, Riedell dart pixel (red & black), Riedell dart ombre (pink & purple, yellow & black)
  • Sizes: 1–14 Full Only; Medium width

The vinyl boot material seems like a good choice for providing both durability and comfort with its padded interior. The PowerDyne nylon plate offers a nice balance of strength while keeping the skates lightweight.

The 62mm, 93A wheels seem well-suited for indoor skating, providing grip for turns while still allowing smooth strides. The ABEC-5 bearings should offer a decent roll and speed.

The toe stop could likely be improved with an upgrade to gum rubber for better grip when stopping quickly. And the variety of fun color options is a nice bonus.

Overall, the technical specifications appear well-matched to Riedell’s goal of creating a comfortable, versatile, and affordable rink/speed skate for beginners to intermediates focused on speed skating. The components seem thoughtfully chosen to deliver quality and value at a reasonable price point.

riedell dart roller skates

Our Verdict

Considering their versatile low-cut style, ample padding, durable aluminum plates, and very reasonable price, we give the Riedell Dart quad roller skates a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Given the budget-friendly cost, these recreational skates deliver impressive quality components that punch above their price range.

We’d readily recommend them to value-conscious derby and rink skaters looking for both comfort and versatility. While not ideal for hardcore park skating, the Riedell Dart roller skates are ideal for skaters looking to up their fun at the roller rink.


Riedell Dart Skates Review – Summary

  • Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Available Colors: Black, light blue, Riedell dart pixel (red & black), Riedell dart ombre (pink & purple, yellow & black)
  • Price: The price may differ from 129$ to 145$ depending on the store you choose.
  • Link to purchase from Amazon – Dart skates
  • Link to purchase from Walmart – Dart skates
  • Link to purchase from Amazon – Riedell dart ombre
  • Link to purchase from Walmart – Riedell dart ombre
  • Link to purchase from Amazon – Dart pixel skates
  • Link to purchase from Walmart – Dart pixel skates


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