How to Become a Better Roller Hockey Skater

Roller hockey skaters typically reach a plateau in their development. You don’t seem to improve, and picking new skills seems impossible. It frequently results from missing the fundamentals or becoming irritated and overly focused.

You must gradually advance. Also, ensure that you’ve mastered the fundamentals to improve at skating. A pause might help you progress because your muscles and brain require adjusting time. Ask seasoned skaters for their opinion and video yourself to assess your technique.

Frequently, you miss some steps along the way rather than reaching your pinnacle. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to become a better roller hockey skater.

How to Become a Better Roller Hockey Skater

Boost maximum strength

Several hockey players are unsure about the best technique to build strength. We observe many athletes doing 10 to 15 reps. But, it’s better suited to increasing muscular hypertrophy than strength. To promote vigorous growth, you should aim for 2 to 5 reps.

You’ll improve at checking, maintain balance in the corners, and outmuscle your opponent in front of the net as your maximum strength increases. Additionally, the increased strength lays the groundwork for increasing power.

Exercising at a high level of intensity

Strength is important. But, being assertive is necessary to boost your agility and shot speed. The speed with which you can put your strength to use is what defines your power, not your raw physical strength. The more quickly you can reach maximum force, the advantage against your opponents will rise.

Exercises you do with explosive motion are the best for boosting power. Some practices have natural explosiveness, such as the Power Clean. You may modify any exercise by executing a quick concentric phase to produce more power. Drive the weight as swiftly as possible off your chest, for instance, when bench pressing. You will need to use about 85% of your one-rep maximum.

Improve your squatting form

It would help if you built up your lower-body strength and speed to become faster. The squat is the ideal workout for hockey players to do. However, before you start squatting with a ton of weight, make sure to perfect your form. The poor technique when squatting is a surefire way to end up on the couch recovering from an injury. Additionally, you will gain more from each rep if you use the proper form.

Perform two pull exercises for every push exercise

Bench Press stats are great, but you should also work hard to improve your Row and Pull-Up numbers. During the season, hockey players execute more push than pull moves on the rink. So, it’s critical to concentrate on addressing muscular imbalances to avoid injuries.
For every push activity, complete two pulling exercises, like rows or pull-ups. It will help you build the strength of your back and improve your skating form. It will also enhance your Bench Press by building your back.

If you wonder how to improve your balance and stability you should read this guide.

how to become a better roller hockey skater

How Long Does It Take To Master Roller Skating?

After learning some tips on how to become a better roller hockey skater, you need to find out how long it’ll take you to master roller skating. The skating you want to learn will determine how long it takes you to perfect roller skating. For example, dancing roller skating demands more flexibility than simple pathway skating. Thus it takes longer to complete.

People from around the state can compete in the sport of speed skating, which people play at the state level. Athletes must practice this style for 10,000 hours, or roughly 10 years, to become proficient.

On an oval track, a group of people skates together in roller derby. It’s important to remember that everyone has a distinct capacity for learning. Coaches have said that learning the fundamentals takes 4-6 months of practice.

Roller hockey is a general term for a roller sport that predates the invention of inline skates. It is also by various names. Inline hockey and skater hockey, which use a plastic ball, are among the types. Depending on your needs, mastering this skating is a time constraint. Roller hockey skating requires about a year of practice to be a proficient skater.

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Jam skating is a type of roller skating. It combines dancing, aerobatics, and roller skating. It takes longer than a year to learn this type of skating. It can take longer, depending on how well you can balance and move.


Well, that’s it for our article on how to become a better roller hockey skater. Since its debut, roller hockey skating has made many people worldwide happy. It has gained popularity throughout the ages and is being practiced now. The early roller skating pioneers will be in awe of the modern skater’s knowledge, techniques, and abilities.

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