Are Moxi Skates Good For Roller Derby

Using roller skates, two teams of fifteen players compete on an oval rink in roller derby, a contact sport. Roller derby is a physically demanding and intense sport. It is well-liked, and both boys and girls enjoy the fast-paced activity. Many skaters have expressed interest in participating in the sport. Although, one aspect is still unclear: the type of skates required.

The suggested boots for the sport are typically quad roller skates. However, some skaters are especially interested in Moxi skates. Are Moxi skates good for roller derby? Moxi skates are generally not recommended for highly competitive sports like roller derby.

Moxi skates are for casual outdoor skating, less strenuous than roller derby. In other words, Moxi skates are not for a sport like a roller derby but for recreational use only. These skates’ design is one factor that makes them less than ideal for roller derby. Moxi skates are rather hefty and have thick padding for the ankles. It may limit your ability to move freely on the track, hurting your performance on the field.

Are Moxi Skates Good For Roller Derby?

Have the question, are Moxi skates good for roller derby being on your mind? Well, in this article section, we’ll be discussing this.

Derby is not the best sport for Moxi skates. It’s possible to get a feel for them if you already own them. As we already noted, they aren’t the best for roller derby because of their high-cut design. For roller derby, you need skates that permit mobility and give maneuverability. Roller derby participants usually wear jam skates and roller derby skates.

Conversely, Moxi skates are less maneuverable. The ankles will become restricted if you lace them up through. As a result, Derby skates provide superior balance than Moxi skates. As a result of their low-top design, Derby skates are more agile and controllable.

What are the Best Skates For Roller Derby?

Due to their designs, people normally use derby skates and jam skates in roller derby. They’re low-top style of boots specially cut starting from top to bottom without brakes. The skate is in your control, so you are free to act however you choose.

The light frames make derby skates and jam skates lightweight. Derby skates have velcro straps and laces for a secure fit. Derby skates are not as visually appealing as jam skates but have superior features. The additional cushioning protects against bumps and scrapes frequently encountered in roller derby.

You could play roller derby on Moxi skates if you have the necessary skills and expertise. Just know that you may not be able to meet expectations. Pacer Mach-5 and Riedell R3 Skates Skates are alternatives for roller derby skates.

It’d help you in considering some factors while buying a roller derby skate. Consider the bearings, cushions, plates, and wheels. An 88A-92A wheel is appropriate for indoor skating. Whereas, a 93A and above is ideal for outdoor skating.

If you’re a pro, the high-level ABEC bearings are preferable to low-level ones. Just choosing a roller derby skate since it looks cool is insufficient. If you don’t consider such factors, you can purchase the incorrect pair.

Are Moxi Skates Good For Roller Derby

Roller Derby Skates Vs Regular Skates

They differ from ordinary skates in design, paddings, strapping, and cost. These variables impact performance, balance, comfort, speed, and flexibility of movement.

Type of Sport

You need to be aware of this initially. The creator made derby skates expressly for the sport of roller derby. It is a unique contact sport that will need tactics and physical strength to succeed. It’s unlike regular skates people use for skating without expertise or technique. In roller derby, skaters need both.

Design Type

Roller derby skates have low-cut boot designs even though they’re like regular skates. It makes it easier for you to pivot quickly and overcome obstacles. The normal varieties of skates do not necessarily need to have a low-cut design.

More Strapping

Roller derby skates have a lace-up fastening and a Velcro strap to secure your foot. Regular skates rarely have this kind of fastening. It is because the likelihood that you will lose your balance when skating is relatively low.

The footing of skaters is less important in everyday skating than in a roller derby match. Therefore it doesn’t have the same impact on the game.

Extra padding

The roller derby boot is more padded than a conventional speed or jam skate. It makes it easier for you to survive the rough handling and bumping that the sport demands. The regular skates, however, feature less padding. It is because normal skating doesn’t include bumping or pounding.

Suitable Design

Regular skates tend to hug you, unlike roller derby skates. They’re made to conform closely to your ankle and feet to enhance speed. It will help reduce any wind resistance.

So, regular skates are the finest if you wish to enjoy the best rides over longer distances. However, roller derby skates don’t have to be a tight fit. They’re made to withstand the demands of the activity rather than provide you with the rush of a quick ride.

Skates Pricing

Skates for roller derby may cost more generally because of how their design. The design features many elements. Some are extra cushioning, more Velcro strapping, and other injury-prevention gear.

The standard skates don’t have a large choice of extras that would increase their prices. It doesn’t matter if they do include certain safety features.


So, are moxi skates good for roller derby? However, Moxi skates aren’t the greatest choice for roller derby. They work great for everyday outdoor skating. When it comes to skating, we prefer derby or jam skating for roller derby purposes.

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