How Long Should Roller Skate Laces Be

The activity of roller skating can be enjoyable for several reasons. First, moving quickly while wearing actual wheels on your shoes is fun. But the laces on roller skates are a feature that is frequently disregarded. To fit and function properly, they must be the suitable length. So, how long should the laces on roller skates be?

The standard length of a roller skate lace should be about 72 inches. Starting at this length is wise. Always remember that a slightly longer lace is preferable to a short one.

There are more aspects of roller skate laces to take into account. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about how long roller skate laces should be.

How long do roller skate laces need to be?

Many beginning skaters occasionally don’t give their skates much thought. Even less so in regards to the skate lace buckles. Your roller skates won’t fit properly if you don’t have suitable laces. Either your tie will be loose, or worst-case scenario, it will be overly tight. It will affect your performance.

Regrettably, this isn’t something you want. Your feet should fit comfortably and securely in your skates. When selecting the lace size, 72 inches is the standard size. You will require longer laces if you have longer skates or high tops, though. Then you can research lace lengths of 96 or 106 inches. For rhythm skaters, high-top skates are ideal.

With this, you know how long do roller skate laces need to be to help you choose the correct size if you decide to go shopping.

The Importance of Laces

There are a few reasons why you should choose your skate laces a little bit more carefully. Let’s look at them now. We will explain why having the ideal lace size is essential and how it could affect your performance.


Fit is the main reason you need the appropriate roller skate lace. More oversized boots require longer laces. Skating performance suffers without the proper fit. Your skates must fit correctly to skate comfortably and do advanced maneuvers. Hardcore skaters need top-notch gear. Low-top skates can have shorter laces. 72-inch laces can tie the shoe. This will fit your shoe snugly and securely.


Skaters may have trouble lacing up. Toe pain or heel slippage may occur. With the correct lace length, you may customize it. I will also explain how to modify laces for various issues.


Okay, this isn’t crucial or performance-related, but we think it’s worth mentioning. Skaters’ skates define them. They adore skating. Why not customize skates? To personalize your skates, try several shoelace styles with the proper length, color, and type of laces. Few people realize they can style their shoelaces.

how long should roller skate laces be

Problems with Poor Lace Tying

Many people have difficulties with shoelaces. The feet and toes can hurt for certain people. Other times, the heel may begin to slide.
If you’ve ever experienced any of these issues, you know how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is to skate the right way. There is good news for those who find themselves in these descriptions.

You can take steps to improve your situation. Correctly adjusting your laces should resolve the issue. The right lace size allows you to experiment with different knots because you know you’ll have enough lace.

Here are some typical problems brought on by incorrect laces tying, along with solutions:

Foot Slip

Start with the heel slip. Most of the time, your laces are not even to blame for heel slides. They are either a result of your shoe size or improper sock selection.
Nevertheless, you may want to check your laces after caring for those two things. Ensure you knot them tightly at the top to prevent heel slip. Also, when tying, completely crisscross the laces. That must make it right.

Your feet hurting

Although painful toes are annoying, painful feet are the worst. If you do nothing, this will undoubtedly result in long-term troubles for you. It can be worthwhile to consider whether the skate you are wearing is the proper one.

Sometimes, pain can be brought on by wearing the wrong size skates. You can tie the laces if you are wearing the proper skate sizes. Once more, it would help if you knotted your laces in a zigzag fashion.

This will relieve some of the pressure. Your feet should feel much better after skating. Always remember to stay healthy when skating. You should be alright if you wear the correct skate size and correctly tie the skate laces.


As you can see, laced roller skates are essential. A better fit and greater adjustability are made possible by roller skates with appropriately long laces. As a result, your roller skating experience will be better and more pleasant to wear.

Additionally, having enough length will let you experiment with various shoelace designs, which may not be possible with short laces. We have addressed the question of how long should roller skate laces be in this article and also offered some additional lace-related details.

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