Can You Roller Skate In The Rain

Can you roller skate in the rain?

The short answer is yes. You can roller skate in the rain, but it’s not recommended.

It’s urgent to get skating but it starts raining all of a sudden. Can you roller skate in the rain? Well, in wet seasons, if you do outdoor activities like roller skating then there’s a high chance that you’ll get stuck in the rain. In these cases, take your skates off as soon as possible.

Can You Go Roller Skating in the Rain – The Full Answer

To answer this question, the best response is to stay away from skating in the rain. It’s not a good idea because it becomes much more difficult to skate on slippery ground. Given that there’s also a lot of water on the ground, it’ll be easy for you to fall and get injured.

The rain can be an unpleasant climate to roller skate under, but there are some things you don’t want to happen. Let’s take a look at them!

Hard to Turn or Stop in Time

If you’re going to skate in the rain, make sure to take a wide turn so that you don’t fall over. Rolling on wet surfaces is also more difficult and it’s important to slow down and stop when it starts getting slippery.

Injury Risk to Yourself and Those Around You

If you slip, it’s very possible that you’ll go down and end up injured. It’s even worse if you fall and hit someone else and make them fall too. If the accident is minor, the outcome may not be so serious.

But the risk of skating on the road while it’s pouring is too great. It may lead to traffic jams and really bad situations. Make sure you are confident and at a good enough skill level before attempting to do so.

Surfaces get Slippery Quick After a Downpour

It’s imperative that you take extra precautions when skating after a heavy downpour. Roads will become slick and wet, therefore it is easy to slip and fall. Rain also reduces visibility, so if you do plan on skating in traffic it is advisable to be extremely cautious when crossing intersections!

Damage Your Bearings

If you need to skate in the rain, it will wear down your bearings and wheels quickly. Your skates will get stuck in wet dirt, grime, and puddles – dirt that can’t be washed away by water. It’ll cost you more money for maintenance and replacement!

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Safety Tips To Roller Skate in the Rain

It may be dangerous at first hand, but if you take precautions and think thoroughly about what you’re doing, there’s a high probability of overcoming the risks! Do you suspect it? Don’t worry. The significant tips for safe roller skating below will answer all your questions and dispel any doubts or worries.

Clean Your Bearings After Skating Under the Rain

After skating in the rain, your skates will be dirty from dirt and water which can shorten the life of your metal bearings. It’s best to clean them as soon as possible to keep them rust-free.

Follow these steps to make sure you take good care of your skates after skating in the rain:

  1. Undo the screws of your skating shoes, then wash them in alcohol to remove any traces of dirt.
  2. Keep in mind to remove your bearings from the frame when storing skates or else your axles, bolts, and nuts will freeze and rust together. There are also methods of immersing the bearings in oil to avoid exposing them to the air as well.
  3. Re-apply lubricant after cleaning your skates. without lubricant, your bearings will soon grind against the wheels, causing serious damage.
  4. Once done, allow the skates to air dry in a room temperature space.

Keep Your Eyes On the Slippery Surfaces

When it rains, small imperfections in the streets fill up with water which levels them out. This way they become slippery when you’re rolling your wheels over them. That prevents your wheels to do their job and slip sideways.

Avoid the following surfaces to prevent slippage: oily areas, metal grates, and plates. Otherwise, you are likely to fall with your skates on these dangerous surfaces.

If you’re not confident with your skating ability, it can be a good idea to avoid routes where there is both cobblestone and marble ground. When skating here, always move at a slow speed and stretch your feet from time to time so as to absorb some of the bumps. You should also be careful when turning or stopping – avoid sudden changes like this if possible!


can you roller skate in the rain

Prepare Your Wheels Before Going Roller Skating In The Rain

Before skating, make sure to fully check your bearings so that the wheel will spin smoothly. Specifically, hard wheels (grade 85A and higher) are not advisable for wet conditions as the bearings might harden due to the material being polyurethane rubber which can absorb more moisture.

If you want to be able to skate when it rains, experts recommend a wheel size of around 70A.

Our Final thoughts

Life can be difficult sometimes, but these handy tips should help you enjoy the adventure! You aren’t going to want to miss out by being unprepared and with these in your arsenal, you’ll be able to skate past any rough patches and even excel.

It’s not important whether you can roller skate in the rain or not! You may want to protect yourself and others.

Whatever your answer is, after reading this article, we expect you’ll find your best answer to the question How can you roller skate in the rain?

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