How to Perform Backward Skating on Roller Skates

Knowing how to skate backward has always been a big goal of a lot of people who roller-skated as little ones and can’t unlock or master the skills in their teens. Well, those who have struggled with skating backward are not alone.
In this guide, we will reveal the vital steps needed in order to learn the basics of skating backward successfully and show off the new adapted skills to your loved ones, friends, and skater buddies. Most significantly, you will be accomplishing an objective you might have since kids that will make you feel confident as well as amazing in your capability to take a bigger goal.
So, here are the steps you need to follow to execute backward skating successfully and safely.

Side Step

Prior to doing this technique, it is vital to spend time first in shifting your heaviness from the left foot to the right foot. Begin with the skates under the feet in a neutral stance. Step to your right using the right foot, shifting your heaviness onto it. Do the same process on your left foot. Step left and right many times, and make sure to pay close attention to where the heaviness of the body is as you make the small changes or shifts.

Important Tip to Follow: Becoming more conscious of where the body is centered over the feet is a vital skill to master as you go on with your skating activity.

Heel Pivots

Lift only the back two wheels and then move them a bit to the side and return to neutral. You’ll be turning and spinning around on the front two wheels to carry this out. You need to
Practice both left and right many times until you are at ease with this move.

Tips to Follow: If the heel is out to the side, which leg will feel pigeon-toed and the whole leg is somewhat internally rotated.

Combine the First and Second Steps

Now, you’ll be mixing the first and the second steps. First, you have to begin the heel move to the side and then move the weight onto which foot. Next is to bring the second foot to join the first foot; you will return to a neutral position. On the other hand, at this point, you’re on slanting or sloping to the front of the room you were facing at the start. Avoid trying to move or pivot anywhere yet, as it will come next. It would help if you carried this movement out slowly and gradually until you really comprehend and become familiar with the mechanics as well as how to carry it out with proper control.

Backward Skating on Roller Skates – Tutorial Video

Credit to Moxi Roller Skates – Estro Jen for this awesome tutorial for backward skating

Put in Some Oomph

If you get used to step three, your next move is to put some energy into the weight shift. After shifting the heel, change and move the weight some gusto onto which foot. You need to ensure the weight of your body is in the heel of your foot where you’re shifting to. You must begin to move backward as you put more energy into the steps. Like in the previous step, you will move the right heel and then your left heel, so you begin to shift backward on those two diagonals.

Utilize the Front Brake to Stop Skating

A roller skate has a brake installed on the façade of the show. It is the round hard plastic or rubber knob close to the end of the toe. Shift one skate in front of the other and then raise it a little bit. Press the tow down as opposed to the surface you’re skating on. Quickly push down with a decent amount of pressure to keep away from losing the balance.

backward skating

To Sum Up

It could be hard to master backward skating, particularly if you are not confident in your skills or skates yet. In contrast, this may not be as difficult or hard as you think it is if you know the basic method. To begin with, just point the toes together and carefully march backward by raising the feet a bit off the floor and placing them back down, the opposite of skating forwards.

For a lot of people out there, skating backward is the most complicated technique. Understanding the techniques of proper skating takes many weeks of practice. Therefore you must ensure you wear protective equipment in case you fall. Prior to trying to skate backward, it is vital that you have to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals or basics of roller skating. If you’re confident in your skills or capability to skate forward and stop with no difficulty, you are able to move on to know how to backward skate. By repeating the easy and meek motion of bringing the toes together and then shifting the heels apart, you’ll shift backward on the skates.

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