Are Roller Skates Supposed To Be Heavy

The skates attached to your feet might seem heavy to a beginner, and you might not be able to lift them properly. You’re probably a beginner, so that’s understandable. However, a new pair of roller skates should be tested for weight, even by professionals.

The weight of roller skates varies, which must be considered when getting new skates, especially for beginners. For novice skaters, the weight of roller skates can be heavy. However, a skater can get the right skates that won’t weigh him down while skating.

In this article, you will learn how to identify the best skate type and size peculiar to your body weight and answer the question – are roller skates supposed to be heavy?

How much should a Roller Skate weigh?

An average roller skate weighs around 3kg. The range of weights is from 2.7kg to 5kg. While these values are not absolute, most roller skates do not exceed this range.

It is also important to note that inline rollerblades are heavier than quad roller skates.
The weights of roller skates differ because of their size, design, and function.

What makes Skates heavy?

The quantity and quality of material used in making a roller skate would determine its weight. Skates differ in function, size, and material. Some skate boots are made with different materials like leather or suede. The skates are made of metal, plastic, or rubber for the hardware.

As mentioned earlier, the function also matters; inline roller blades are heavier than quad roller skates. Roller derby skates boots are thicker than regular skate boots and, thus, heavier.
Nevertheless, this weight is only unbearable to people new to roller skating. The longer a person practices and skates, the less he notices the weight of the skate.

Why do roller skates have different weights?

Due to function and design, roller skates are made with similar parts in different designs and materials.

How to choose the best skates for your body size?

Unless you are overweight, there is not much to consider when choosing roller skates according to weight. We advise roller skaters to pick roller skates according to their shoe size.
However, overweight persons are encouraged to consider getting skates that are their shoe size and can carry their weight.

The purpose of the roller skates is also considered when choosing one. Professional skaters consider the weight and speed of roller skates when choosing.
Heavier wheels provide more stability, while lighter ones give speed.

How much weight can a roller skate carry?

Standard roller skates can carry 200-220lbs. You can get regular skates if you weigh around this range. But if you weigh higher, you might find it challenging to get roller skates. Except you order a custom-made one directly from the manufacturing company.

are roller skates supposed to be heavy

How Do I Know If I am Overweight to Roller Skate?

When one is overweight for roller skating, he will face problems balancing while skating. Since regular skates can carry up to 220lbs, we are sure you can skate without problems if you fall in this weight range. People who weigh up to 250lbs can also skate conveniently. But persons who weigh over 250lbs might face difficulties while skating. This stands even when the roller skates can carry the person’s weight.

If you are looking for the best roller skates for heavy skaters, you can find them here; just click on the link.

Our checklist for buying Roller Skates:

When choosing a roller skate, we prefer to consider what we want to use it for and how we want to use it. Consider the following tips when getting roller skates:
Go with heavier skates.
Outdoor wheels
Light skates.
Pick a skate with a 220lbs limit.
Go higher if you weigh over 250lbs.
Go for lighter skates
Larger wheels

Final Words

Now is the time to show your presence, be confident, and work things up. There is no doubt that roller skating can be accomplished even if you have to push a bit harder, or you may find it difficult to find the perfect roller skates for you, or even you might have trouble falling, but you can certainly do it, and it can help you in so many ways.
Having fun with your roller skating buddies is all about being confident in who you are.

Was this article helpful to you in making your purchase? Congratulations, if yes! It is a pleasure for us to be able to stay with you along the roller skating journey you are taking.

We hope this article answers the question: Are roller skates supposed to be heavy?

Stay tuned for more blog posts on this topic in the future, so you don’t miss a thing.
Good luck and happy skating!


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